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Dear Teacher, Guidance Counselor, Social Worker or IPS Administrator,

Teachers, Guidance Counselors, Administrators, Social Workers all play a very important role in fostering the growth of students. We welcome you as a fellow partner, and look forward to working closely with you. Perhaps you know of a potential student who would be good for Science Bound? Please feel free contact us about great students, or let us know how we can help you by answering any questions you might have about the Science Bound program.


Science Bound is a partnership between Purdue University, the Indianapolis Public Schools and the Indianapolis business community. It is designed to work with low income students and help prepare them for careers in Engineering, Technology, Science, Agriculture and Math Science. Students are invited to join the program at the end of the fifth grade. At IPS, there are four major components:

  1. After school workshops and activities
  2. Parent Program
  3. Summer Camps and Internships
  4. Other projects and Workshops

IPS students must maintain a 3.1 GPA and attend 75% of Science Bound activities.

Component #1: After School Workshops and Activities The after school workshops and activities are held twice a month. Mentor teachers from the various schools serve as the key point person for their school. Projects and workshops vary from school to school and grade to grade. Past after school activities have included forensic exercises, chemistry labs, robotics projects, guest speakers from Industry and Purdue University and tutoring. A number of the schools have teamed up with Science Bound Industrial partners for company-led projects (i.e. Rolls Royce works with Arsenal Tech to build solar cars, Raytheon works with Harshman Middle School to build catapults and provide company tours. Purdue University School of Veterinary Science has also established a Science Bound Vet Club at Crispus Attucks in Indianapolis.

Component #2: Parent Program Parents meet with industry professionals, learn about STEM career opportunities, and are kept abreast of Science Bound program activities, educated on what is expected of their child and kept abreast of how they can be better advocates for their children. A Parent Advisory Council works Purdue staff to establish agenda items and run the meetings. The Parent Program meets the first Tuesday of each month during the school year. At the end of each spring semester, a Parent Retreat is held at Purdue University. Also, parents are invited to attend the annual Purdue Christmas Show.

Component #3: Summer Camps and Internships Summer camps are offered to Science Bound students who have maintained a 3.1 GPA, and a "B" average in Science and Math courses. These camps include:

  • Science Explorers Camp for rising 7th and 8th graders.
  • Biology, Vet or other camp opportunities for rising 9th, 10th & 11th graders in good standing.
  • Math courses are also offered to strengthen student analytical and problem solving skills
  • Rising 12th graders have opportunities for Internships with a participating industrial partners (Lilly, Rolls Royce, Shield Sexton, Applied Engineering, LaQuis, Bowen Engineering or Environmental Labs) or to conduct research with a professor at Purdue.
Each year, 80 students or more participate in our summer camp, math workshop, internship or research opportunities.

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