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Family is the most important factor influencing the lives of children. Science Bound students are more likely to focus on academics and attend college if their families are strong, supportive, and nurturing. The USA Parents Program is an assetbased, parenting education program that provides information about creating supportive environments that enable children to thrive. The most accurate predictor of a child's success in school is the degree to which their parents are involved in their education. Purdue University formed a partnership with USA Funds to address some of the challenges IPS students face. This partnership established the Science Bound USA Parents Initiative, which creates a supportive and nurturing system for students admitted into the Science Bound program.

To achieve these goals, meetings are held monthly to teach parenting skills and provide parents with skills to understand students' academic needs, including conflict management, adolescent development, financial management, and effective ways to communicate with teachers and schools. Seventy percent of parents have reported that their children's grades have improved due to the positive skills and peer-to-peer networks of the USA Parents Program.

To keep parents informed, the parents program publishes a monthly newsletter called Ideas for Parents, and a quarterly newsletter, USA Parents News. An annual retreat gives parents the opportunity to visit Purdue and learn about the educational possibilities that await their children. A parent advisory council meets quarterly with the director of the parents program to evaluate and improve offerings to meet parents' needs. Twelve parents are active on the parent advisory council. An added benefit of the parent program is the parents' education option plan to encourage parents to engage in their own learning by completing their GED or taking college classes. The program provides scholarships for parents who are interested in continuing their education. Five parents have taken advantage of the parent option this year.

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Upcoming Events

Get Involved with the Science Bound Parent Program

Come learn what it takes to prepare your child for success at Purdue University. Parents meet with industry professionals, learn about STEM career opportunities, and are kept abreast of Science Bound program activities, educated on what is expected of their child and kept abreast of how they can be better advocates for their children. You and your whole family are invited to join. A light meal is generally provided at the onset of this meeting. We meet the first Tuesday of each month.

Science Bound Parent Meetings Location:
Crispus Attucks Medical Magnet High School # 418
1140 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. St.
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Meeting Location: Cafeteria
6:00 7:45 pm

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Parent Contacts

Ruthie Reyes (Student attends Purdue University)
Parent Program Coordinator

Germaine McFarland (Student attends Arsenal Tech)

Nashia Abdul-Aleem (Students attend Crispus Attucks, School #56)

Jenny Dorsey (Students attend Harshman, Arsenal Tech)

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Parent Retreat

At the end of each spring semester, a Parent Retreat is held at Purdue University. Join at our annual Parent Retreat. We were so happy to see that parents unanimously enjoyed this retreat. Experience Purdue first-hand, learn what it takes to your child be successful. You too will return back home from the Parent Retreat re-invigorated and inspired!
»See photos from Parent Retreat 2011!

Science Bound Parent Retreat 2012
Purdue University Campus
Saturday, April 28 Sunday, 29, 2012

Science Bound Parent Retreat 2014
Purdue University Campus
TBA 2014

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