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Pre-Science Bound Program | Science Explorers

Explorers is the feeder program to Science Bound. It is a scientifically based exploratory program designed to introduce students to career opportunities within the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, including many Agricultural areas). Students have an opportunity to be mentored and experience hands-on activities at Purdue University. Upon successful completion of the Explorers program, the student is invited to become a part of Science Bound beginning in the ninth grade.

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Program Requirements

In order to remain in good standing you must:

  • Maintain a semester grade average of "B" or higher in all classes, Participate in at least 75 percent of all the activities. (Including after-school programs, summer retreat and all other activities sponsored by the "Science Bound Program.")
  • I will govern my behavior so that I can be a positive contributor to the program and the activities.
  • I understand that participation in the "Science Explorers Program" does not mean that I will automatically be invited to participate in SCIENCE BOUND.
  • Only students in good standing will be considered by the committee that selects the students that will be invited to join Science Bound. You also need to understand that the committee will use the following criteria as part of the selection process:
  • My attendance at Science Explorer events, (after school, summer camp, etc.)
  • My academic grades
  • A letter of recommendation from my mentor teacher
  • Be in good standing in the Science Explorer program
  • A one page typed letter from me, the student, expressing why I am interested in participating in the SCIENCE BOUND program.
  • *Please note all of the above will be used to help make the decision and the selection of who will be invited to participate in SCIENCE BOUND. You can be asked to separate from Science Explorer program for failing to maintain these standards during the school year.

Science Explorers Contract

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