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Physical Facilities Safety Committee

Learn, practice, promote.


Eliminate Physical Facilities work related injuries by promoting a variety of safety initiatives.

Action Steps
A.  Each department, with assistance from REM, developes department related meaningful injury statistics. Supervisors will use these to trigger specific areas for better safety practices.

B.  Incorporate safety into staff meetings at least once a month including safety as an agenda item.

C.  Incorporate a safety analysis into all new task activities.

D.  Supervisors, in cooperation with Department Safety Committee member, will be responsible for initial safety training for new employees. PFSC Initiatives and committee structure will be introduced by the PFSC Chairperson during PF New Employee orientation program.

E.  Create a web-based safety program using actual Physical Facilities employees. The program will include information about the safety committee and best safety practices.

Objective 2:
Serve as the "role model" for all University safety committees.

Action Steps
A.  All Physical Facilities Safety Committee members should lead by example.

B.  Invite peers to attend area safety committee meetings to become familiar with our safety issues and meeting processes.

C.  Encourage safety committee members to attend other area safety committee meetings.

D.  Initiate outreach by inviting other University Safety Committee members to monthly PFSC meeting. Identify targeted areas of the Purdue Community and invite a representative from that area to attend our PFSC meeting.

E.  A summary of the safety topics presented at PFSC will be published in the QSP Report.

F.  Feature the PFSC and area safety committees at O & M and Grounds Tool Fair. Appoint a sub-committee to determine how and what will be featured at the event.

G.  Coordinate and/or participate in the annual campus safety fair.

H.  PFSC will develop a list of "Best Practices" for area safety committees. This list will be available on the PFSC website.

I.  Chair and co-chair will visit a regional campus quarterly.

Facilitate the integration of safety into all aspects of the Physical Facilities Environments.

B= Budget

P= Production

Q= Quality

S= Safety


Action Steps
A.  Map current safety committees. Create safety committees where none exist.

B.  Analyze high impact injuries, and attempt to obtain solutions. Communicate solutions to all. Encourage all departments to develop a safety budget.

C.  Integrate safety in daily communications and performance reviews. Continue to encourage Physical Facilities staff to participate in ISP initiative. Monitor safety compliance through ISP Evaluation form. Encourage Physical Facilities staff to participate in periodic self-audits. Encourage areas to achieve certification.

D.  Establish goals by area and measure performance. Review injuries by area to determine how job should be done differently to avoid injuries. Identify specific steps to proactively address high-risk activities.

E.  Promote accountability for practicing safe work habits. Recognize successes!