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Benefits Committee

The Benefits Committee monitors the medical plans for retirees, evaluates changes, and investigates alternatives where advantages may be gained.

A key part of the execution of this committee's responsibilities is through the support provided by the Purdue University Human Resource Services department that handles the communication, gathers additional vital data, and provides a focal point for problem resolution.

The committee also strives to keep retirees aware of additional University benefits and privileges and promotes program improvements where possible.

Members of the committee are:
* Don Gentry, Chair dkgentry@purdue.edu

* Robert Bain * Sue Hiser *Roberta Thomas
*John Beelke * Harry Morrison * Melinda Bain (ex-officio)
* Charles Brown * Betty Nelson * John Trott (ex-officio)
*Linda Duttlinger * Larry Pherson * Clifford Swenson(ex-officio)
* Fred Ford * Sandra Singer * Olivia Wood (Past President)
*Sol Gartenhaus * Leon Thacker
Purdue retirees and spouses are eligible for membership to this or any other PURA committee. Appointments are for a three-year term with membership limited to six consecutive years (two three-year terms). Anyone interested in joining this or any other committee should contact the committee chair.