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Purdue Drop-in Text

Find up-to-date "boilerplate" text for Purdue institutional resources and facilities at the EVPRP e-Pubs site for use, either in entirety or pertinent portions, in proposals submitted to funding agencies.  Documents are searchable by keyword and include citations to avoid plagiarism.


Self-Help Tools for Proposal Preparation

This series provides step-wise guidance, samples, and/or tailorable text for some of the non-research-related requirements of a proposal submission. *Note: Only accessible from the domain.


Broader Impacts Resources

All NSF proposals must include a section within the Project Description that discusses the broader impacts of the proposed activities. The resources below may be helpful in completing this requirement.


Agency News


Data Management Plans

All NSF proposals must include a supplementary document labeled "Data Management Plan" that describes how results from NSF funded research will be shared with other researchers. The resources below may be helpful in completing this requirement.

Multiple PD/PI Leadership Plan

All HHS applications that propose multiple PD/PIs must include a Multiple PD/PI Leadership Plan. The resource below may be helpful in completing this requirement.

Agency Resources

Department of Energy


  • The Foundation Center Offers a wide-range of proposal training opportunities via audio, video, workshops, or webinars, many at no cost and/or multilingual.

  • Find and Apply User Guide, Ver. 4.0, last modified October 9, 2010. Use this guide to find step-by-step instructions on finding grant opportunities using a basic search, browse by category, browse by agency or advanced search. There are also instructions on how to apply, download, complete, and track an application.


National Aeronautics and Space Administration

National Science Foundation

National Institutes of Health

United States Department of Agriculture