Education & Outreach



This webpage describes resources likely to be useful for faculty developing the education and outreach sections of research grant proposals. It also provides a brief discussion of ways in which each education/ outreach center or program might be helpful to a researcher. However, this list is not comprehensive. Researchers are strongly encouraged to speak with the people involved early in the grant writing process.


Discovery Learning Research Center (DLRC)

Part of Discovery Park, the DLRC supports research which “revolutionizes learning,” especially in science, engineering, technology, and mathematics. It is particularly interested in three areas: the science of learning, the design of innovative educational programs, and the development of interactive learning technologies. See for a list of ways in which DLRC staff can help in proposal development.


Assessment, Research, and Evaluation

The DLRC’s Assessment, Research, and Evaluation site offers an overview defining assessment and describing its benefits, an 8-step assessment model, descriptions of assessment tools, characteristics of good assessment, and links to additional resources.


Department of Engineering Education


Institute for P-12 Engineering Research and Learning (INSPIRE)

INSPIRE conducts basic and applied multidisciplinary research in topics related to engineering education. Research focus areas include: teacher professional development, assessment, student learning, and informal learning.


Agricultural Communication