Biohazards and rDNA

Forms and Instructions

Lab Inspections

Part of the IBC protocol approval process is an initial inspection by the Biosafety Officer of the facility site where the protocol research is to take place. To assist Principal Investigators (PIs) in maintaining a safe laboratory environment in which they pursue their research, all laboratories are re-inspected annually by a member of Purdue's Biosafety Office. These inspections serve as an opportunity for exchanging information, promoting safe use of equipment and materials, and in verifying that the protocol accurately describes the current research activities. If necessary, assistance is provided to PI's requesting protocol revisions using the IBC Form 2A.

The purpose of these annual inspections will be to:

  • Inspect the lab area(s) for building safety violations.
  • Review the posted hazard assessment document.
  • Review the sharps handling policy.
  • Review the biohazardous waste disposal procedures.
  • Ask for the location of the autoclave that is used by PI’s staff.
  • Discuss the training needs of PI’s staff.
  • Discuss future changes to PI’s protocol(s) and review the Amendment to Protocol Form 2A.

PIs are expected to correct any deficiencies or violations noted in a timely manner. The Biosafety Officer is available upon request to provide training to faculty, staff and students.

Random, unannounced laboratory inspections may be performed at any time by the Biosafety Officer to ensure the safe conduct of research at Purdue.

Questions on the status of requests for project approval may be directed to Bob Golden (765) 494-1496; fax 496-2572.* Other questions relating to research involving potentially biohazardous materials may be directed to the Chair, Associate Chair or the Office of Research Administration (494-6840).

* Questions about laboratory inspections should be directed to Rachel DeRudder, 494-7968.




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