Human Research Protection Program

HRPP Education

CITI Registration and Course Completion

Each Learner Group has a curriculum designed to address a researcher’s specific role in human subjects research. After logging onto the CITI website, Question 1 will ask you to select a Learner Group that is compatible with your research activities.

Investigators (Principal and Co-Investigators) and Key Personnel should take either:

  • Group 1 – Biomedical Research or
  • Group 2 – Social Behavioral Research

Non-Key Personnel should take:

  • Group 5 – Non-Key Personnel

Investigators who conduct ONLY Exempt Research OR Research Personnel who do not interact with subjects should take:

  • Group 4 – Exempt Research Only

Confused About Your Role in the Research Project?

Review the definitions below to determine your role in the research project.

Principal Investigator (PI) – The scientist or scholar with primary responsibility for the integrity, design, conduct, and analysis of a research project that is eligible to serve as such at Purdue University.

Co-Investigator – With regard to human subjects research projects at Purdue University, a co-investigator has PI status but is not acting as PI on the human subjects protocol. A co-investigator should be listed as key personnel on the human subjects protocol application.

Key Personnel – Members of a research team who contribute in a substantive way to the scientific/scholarly development or execution of a project. This includes the PI, co-investigators and can include students and any permanent staff devoting a significant amount of their effort to a single project or the conduct of human subjects research overall.

Non-Key Personnel – Research Personnel who interact with human subjects but are not key personnel in the sense that they do not contribute in a substantive way to the scientific/scholarly development or execution of a project. For example, such personnel may assist in data collection or consenting subjects, but are always under supervision of the principal investigator and/or key personnel and do not act independently in the execution of the research project.