Human Research Protection Program

Why would I want to be a human subject in research?

In his endless quest for ready money, Joe, a Purdue college student, stumbles across an opportunity to do something beneficial when he finds a peanut research study recruitment flyer on the kiosk between the Union and Stewart Center. However, he also must consume dye pills and collect his feces. His friend Jill advises him to look before he leaps.

Will Joe bite on the bait - er, the peanut? What questions would you ask if you were Joe? Who would you ask them of? Click on the picture to the left to watch what Joe does.


What is Informed Consent?

Joe receives notice that he has been accepted into the peanut study, and meets with Carole, a graduate student, to go through the initial informed consent process. Carole hands Joe the consent form and...

Surprise! We're giving you a Pop Quiz!

Pick the best answer:

1. Joe immediately skips to the last page of the consent form and signs on the dotted line.
2. Joe makes an origami hat.
3. Joe reads through the consent form thoughtfully and asks Carole for clarification on anything he is concerned about or uncomfortable with before he signs.
4. all of the above.

Would you sign the consent form if you were Joe? What questions should you ask? Click on the picture above to see how you did on the pop quiz.


Ongoing consent? What's that?

Joe goes into the lab for various tests and measures and then starts the dietary regimen.

Does the sight of blood make Joe pass out? Where does Carole keep all those stool samples? Is Joe shocked when he passes purple and green stools? Does Joe's friend Jill mind dining alone for 19 days? Does Joe cheat on his diet or does Carole use peanut butter pizza to make him stick? Could Joe quit the study if he wanted to?

What would you do? Click on the picture to the left to watch what Joe does.


What did I gain from helping Science?

In his endless quest for ready money, Joe finds himself back at the kiosk with his friend Jill after the end of the peanut study.

Does Joe ever want to see another peanut? Would Joe even consider participating in another research study? Will Jill sign on next time? Bottom-line, did Joe participate in the study just for peanuts?

What kinds of benefits and rewards do you think you'd gain from participating in a research study? Click the picture to the left to watch what Joe learned about being a human subject participant in the peanut study.


How did Joe's stool further Science and help Humanity?

Out of curiosity, Joe visits Dr. Richard Mattes to learn the results of the study he participated in. What do you think Joe learns about peanuts? What does Science discover from Joe's digestive system?

More importantly ... what have you discovered about your rights, your responsibilities, and what you could contribute as a potential human subject participant? Click on the picture to the left to learn the truth about peanuts.