Human Research Protection Program

How did Joe's stool further Science and help Humanity?

Professor Mattes, the principal investigator of the research study, answered Joe's questions by talking about why the study was undertaken and how Joe's data would help to answer the research question. Professor Mattes explains where the research fits into the existing scholarship on the issues surrounding peanut consumption. He also tells Joe how the research he participated in will influence public health and nutrition recommendations. Professor Mattes finishes by saying, "We could not answer these types of questions without people like yourself participating in these studies and being willing to donate time and a little bit of inconvenience to answer what are important health issues. Science would not go forward with out these types of studies. We appreciate it."

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Alex Floyd as Joe
Jillian Shaw as Jill
Carole Traoret as herself
Dr. Richard Mattes as himself
Dr. Richard Sullivan Lee as Professor Johnson
Steve Sloan as passerby with PDA

Director/Producer/Script Writer
Jason Doty, Producer/Director

Instructional Designers
Rebecca Armstrong DVM, PhD Asst. Vice President for Research Compliance
Jeanne Winstead Graduate Assistant

Television and Media Consultant
Ken Miller, Manager - Media production services

Camera Crew
Jason Doty
Steve Sloan

Video filmed and edited by Purdue Television and Multimedia Production

Purdue's Human Research Participants Protection Program, Office of Research Administration thanks Purdue University's Department of Foods and Nutrition and particularly Dr. Richard Mattes and Carole Traoret Doctoral Candidate for sharing the Peanut Study with us and lending the use of their facilities for this video.

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