Human Research Protection Program

Ongoing consent? What's that?

Joe completes an initial physical exam and begins participation in the study. He is eating his peanut based diet and collecting the required samples for testing. Joe craves a snack in between classes that's not on his restricted diet. He remembers that his participation in the study is, "for a PDA and the benefit of all mankind." Joe sticks to the research diet protocol. His friend Jill asks him if he can stop participating in the study at any time. Joe says that he is aware of his right to discontinue participation but he feels comfortable in continuing. Joe finishes the study. Joe receives his compensation and celebrates his completion of the study and buys his PDA.

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TOP 10 Questions to Ask Yourself and Others During the Study.

  1. Do I know how to contact the investigator with questions about the study?
  2. Do I know who else I can contact if I have concerns?
  3. Do I feel that I could quit if I really wanted to?
  4. Am I learning anything about science?
  5. Am I learning anything about myself?
  6. Have the risks of participating changed?
  7. Have the benefits changed?
  8. Am I still comfortable about participating in this study?
  9. Is my privacy being protected?
  10. Now that I know what this study is really like, do I still want to participate?

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