Export Control

Short-Term Foreign Visitors

Hosting visitors at the university is a common and collaborative occurrence. However, these activities require export control considerations when the visitor is neither a US Citizen nor a legal permanent resident/green card holder. If you plan to host an individual or group from outside the US to visit the Purdue campus or facilities; please follow these steps to ensure that the visit is in compliance with export control regulations. The guidance outlined below should start prior to issuance of an invitation letter or other supporting paperwork.

Best Practices to Ensure Export Control Compliance Prior to and During Visits to Campus

  • Send a Restricted Party Screening request to the Export Controls group in OVPR before initiating an invitation. (Input the information into this form (PDF | Word) and send the completed document to exportcontrols@purdue.edu).
  • Never assume that a visitor’s visa is an authorization for all activities.  A deemed export can occur through discussions, tours, or visual inspection of controlled US technology at any time anywhere in the world.
  • It is the host’s responsibility to contact exportcontrols@purdue.edu before the visit to establish guidelines and/or a Visitation Control Plan in the event that the visit will involve activities, data, or items of the following nature:
    • Data that are not intended for the public domain (i.e. publication, seminars, etc.);
    • Data with military or space applications;
    • Projects where publication is not allowable (i.e. for proprietary, government controls or other agreements);
    • Projects where participation is limited by citizenship through a contract or other means;
    • Technical data that are acquired through a non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement;
    • Projects/areas/items associated with a technology control plan;
    • Tours or visits in areas with controlled equipment or data.  Such visits must not allow visual inspections or photographs that would allow a person to develop, produce, or have high level assembly knowledge about controlled equipment. If you have questions about an area of campus, or piece of equipment, please contact exportcontrols@purdue.edu before the visit takes place.

Furthermore, the FBI provides a general guidance brochure for US companies and universities at this link.

Please contact exportcontrols@purdue.edu with any questions.



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