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Lists of Regulated Technologies

Commerce Control List (CCL) is a list of items under the export control jurisdiction of the Bureau of Industry and Security, U.S. Department of Commerce. It is segmented by category and within each category there are 5 groups to further define the technology.

Commerce Control List (CCL) Category - The ten categories of the CCL are:

  • (0) Nuclear Materials, Facilities and Equipment, and Miscellaneous
  • (1) Materials, Chemicals, "Microorganisms", and Toxins
  • (2) Materials Processing
  • (3) Electronics Design, Development and Production
  • (4) Computers
  • (5) Telecommunications
  • (6) Sensors
  • (7) Navigation and Avionics
  • (8) Marine
  • (9) Propulsion Systems, Space Vehicles, and Related Equipment

Commerce Control List (CCL) Group - The CCL is divided into 10 categories. Each category is subdivided into five groups, designated by the letters A through E:

  • (A) Equipment, assemblies, and components
  • (B) Test, inspection and production equipment
  • (C) Materials
  • (D) Software
  • (E) Technology

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