Research Integrity

  • I believe that I may have evidence of potential research misconduct, to whom should I report an allegation based on this evidence?

    Policy VIII.3.1 defines research misconduct and states that allegations of potential research misconduct should be reported to the University’s Research Integrity Officer, Peter Dunn, and/or Provost (Chief Academic Officer, Tim Sands). Allegations of potential research misconduct will be accepted by these individuals in any medium.

    Allegations or rumors of potential research misconduct can be very damaging to the reputation and professional career of the accused (respondent), even if the allegation is eventually found to be incorrect. As a result, Purdue Associates, who believe that they may have witnessed potential research misconduct, should bring their concerns to the attention of the Research Integrity Officer and/or Provost directly, and should not discuss their concerns with friends, colleagues, fellow students, or family members.

    If you are uncomfortable contacting the Research Integrity Officer or Provost directly, you may bring your concern in strict confidence, to the attention of your supervisor, departmental graduate committee chair, department head, director, or dean, who will then report the allegation to the Research Integrity Officer or Provost.

  • How much information is required to report an allegation of potential research misconduct?

    Allegations of potential research misconduct can be reviewed and resolved most efficiently if (i) they identify potentially fabricated or falsified data, or plagiarized text, data, or ideas specifically with supporting evidence in writing, and (ii) the individual reporting the allegation is identified.

    Availability of as much information as possible facilitates review of the evidence and allows the Research Integrity Officer to go back to the accuser for additional clarification. However, allegations of potential research misconduct will be accepted in any format or medium, and all allegations will be reviewed under the procedures described in Policy VIII.3.1.

    Please note that campus e-mail is not a secure medium of expression and should be avoided, if possible. Anonymous allegations of potential research misconduct can be more difficult to address due to the absence of continuing assistance from the accuser, however, anonymous allegations will be accepted and reviewed as described in Policy VIII.3.1.

  • I am associated with one of Purdue’s regional campuses, does Policy VIII.3.1 apply to allegations of potential research misconduct at my campus? Does my campus have its own Research Integrity Officer?

    Policy VIII.3.1 is a Purdue University policy and applies to all Purdue Associates in all Purdue campuses and programs. There is only one Purdue Research Integrity Officer, Associate Vice President for Research Peter Dunn (, 765-494-6840). Purdue’s regional campuses do not have separate Research Integrity Officers. All allegations of potential research misconduct in Purdue programs should be reported to Assoc. Vice President Dunn, regardless of campus or program.



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