Policies and Procedures

Cost Sharing

The Office of Vice President for Research facilitates cost sharing approvals during proposal development and assists in administering cost-sharing commitments for awards.  The office also provides funds for partial support of sponsored program cost sharing.  By centralizing the function, the OVPR helps to ensure that cost-sharing is targeted to Purdue’s strategic research goals.

Central cost-sharing funds are intended to supplement, not supplant, cost- sharing provided by colleges, schools, departments and other units. Cost-sharing commitments demonstrate the unit’s support of the proposed work while also helping to prioritize requests within units and leverage centralized cost-sharing resources.

Cost sharing can be considered for all proposals ranging from single investigator proposals to large interdisciplinary proposals, and from research instrumentation and equipment to research facilities. 

Research Proposal Cost Sharing Process Guide and Philosophy document


Mary Millsaps
with any cost sharing questions

The financial contact for business office staff is:
Christy Haddock cjhaddock@purdue.edu