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Laboratory Research Equipment Program

Nurturing and Advancing Purdue’s Research Enterprise

Office of the Vice President for Research
Purdue University

Proposals – September 10, 2013
Funds available – December 1, 2013


Research intensive universities such as Purdue have significant equipment needs. A portion of these needs are met through private (foundations) and public (federal and state) sources. However, a significant need exists to augment these sources with internal funds to fill existing gaps to advance the research activities at Purdue.


Eligibility is limited to faculty (research and tenure-track/tenured) on the West Lafayette campus.

Laboratory Research Equipment Program

Amount: requests are limited to $100,000 and below

The program is designed to support research efforts of both single investigator and multi-investigator users, but not for equipment intended to be located in "research core facilities." Equipment must meet the Purdue capital equipment threshold value of $5,000 ( Office and instructional computers/equipment are not eligible for this program. See FAQs for additional information regarding shared cluster computing resources. Applications must identify a single Principal Investigator, who must have depleted a majority of available start-up funds to be eligible. See FAQs for additional information. An individual may submit only one application as Principal Investigator.

Application and Submission Process

The deadline for receipt of proposals is 12:00 p.m., Tuesday, September 10, 2013. Proposals must be submitted through the appropriate pre-award center as a single pdf file attachment to an e-mail message addressed to Sheryl Willison at Projects should have a start date of December 1, 2013 and funds must be spent or encumbered by May 31, 2014.

Application Instructions

The application must use Arial 11 point font with 1.0 inch margins and follow the template below. The application (items 1-11) must not exceed 3 pages. Incomplete applications and/or applications that do not meet these requirements will be returned without review.

Application Template

  1. Principal Investigator (limited to a single individual)
  2. Rank (Assistant, Associate, Full Professor)
  3. Department
  4. College
  5. Type of equipment requested (microscope, centrifuge, laser, spectrometer, etc...)
  6. Description and capabilities of requested equipment
  7. Cost of requested equipment (Reviewers find quotes from vendors helpful, but they are only required after a proposal is selected for funding)
  8. Amount of remaining start-ups funds for PI (if none state $0)
  9. Justification of need for requested equipment including a brief discussion of how the equipment will benefit the research program of the PI
  10. If more than one faculty research program will benefit from the equipment provide a list of additional users (include departmental affiliation) and a brief description of how the equipment will benefit their research. See FAQs for more information
  11. A statement indicating that the equipment was not included in an existing funded or soon to be funded proposal.
  12. Not included in the 3 page limit

  13. Updated NIH Biosketch or NSF CV for PI and all additional participating faculty
  14. Current and pending support for PI (include sponsor, title of project, project period)

Review Criteria

  • Impact – the impact the equipment will have on advancing the applicant’s research program
  • Need – the need for the equipment

Proposal Review

All proposals will be reviewed by a faculty panel consisting of representation from the various colleges. Recommendations will be submitted to the OVPR for final selection.

Post-Award and Reporting Requirements

Successful applicants are required to submit a final written report describing the impact the equipment had on their research program and any funding that resulted from its purchase. The final report should be submitted to Sheryl Willison ( by September 30, 2014.

Contact Information

Questions about proposal submission should be directed to Marietta Harrison (

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the goal of this program and who does it target?
  • Unlike equipment programs that target multiple-user, highly leveraged equipment, this program targets individual PIs or a group of PIs who have basic equipment needs whose cost is too high to be practical for an individual NSF or NIH R01 grant, and too low to be eligible for federal equipment grant programs. It is designed to fill a gap created by shrinking federal funding.
  • What is the total investment in this program?
  • Up to $1M has been committed to this program.
  • Do proposals have to go through the pre-award process?
  • Yes
  • Can funds be used to pay installation costs?
  • Yes, as long as the equipment and installation costs do not exceed $100,000.
  • Is the acquisition of equipment that costs more than $100,000 eligible, if other funds to make up the difference are identified?
  • In general, proposals over $100,000 are eligible for various federal equipment programs and therefore equipment over $100,000 would not be included in this program.
  • Why are research core facilities not eligible for this program?
  • The program targets the laboratories of individual PIs, although equipment used by multiple individual PIs is welcome. Equipment for campus-wide core research facilities will be the target of a separate program.
  • Are computers, nodes/servers eligible for this program?
  • Office and instructional computers/equipment are not eligible for this program. Funds from the program, may however, be expended to access Purdue’s shared cluster computing infrastructure ( through ITAP’s “Community Cluster” program. The amount requested for this purpose must be specified in the budget and justified in the budget justification and will be available in an account established in the “Community Cluster” program.
  • What if ITAP does not offer the research computing resources I need?
  • If, after consultation with ITAP’s central research computing resources (RCAC) staff, it is determined that the research need cannot be met by RCAC, then equipment to meet the need will be eligible for the OVPR Laboratory Equipment program. A letter from RCAC stating that the need cannot be met with existing ITAP resources must be included in the application. Applicants should contact Preston Smith ( at the RCAC.
  • What is meant by depleted a “majority of start-up funds” in establishing the eligibility of the PI?
  • The program is intended for individuals who have depleted all available discretionary resources including start-up funds. However, in some instances a small amount of residual start-up funds (generally less than 25% of the cost of the requested equipment) may remain and the eligibility of the PI in these cases will be decided on an individual basis.
  • Does item #10 in the Application Template require individual statements of benefit if the benefits are similar?
  • If the benefits are highly similar for all projects, a collective statement is acceptable. If some features/benefits are specifically or critically important to particular projects, this information is helpful to reviewers and brief individual statements may be beneficial.
  • Will this program be repeated in the future?
  • There is no guarantee of future funding, but our goal is to be able offer the program in the future.