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International Travel Grants

Office of the Vice President for Research


The purpose of the International Travel Grant Program is to assist Purdue faculty members in scholarly attainment by providing a portion of the travel costs to those who will have an active role (presenting papers or serving as officials) at recognized international meetings. [See IMPORTANT REMINDERS below for examples of non-eligible travel]

Please refer to the cover memo from your dean/department head's office* for internal deadline dates and instructions on how to apply for a PRF International Travel Grant.


  • Annual announcement is distributed to academic deans early/mid February.
  • Faculty will be notified of internal department/school/college deadlines via their Department Head and/or Dean’s Office
  • The stewardship report for each round of funding will be due to the OVPR by September 30th of each fiscal year. Please fill out the excel spreadsheet and return to Shelley Burton at


  • Each College/School is responsible for determining, ANNOUNCING, AND MANAGING the awards to their faculty following the traditional guidelines and regulations established for the PRF IT Grant competition.
  • The award amount for all grants will be up to $1,000.
  • The amount awarded can be used for ALL APPROVED TRAVEL expenses up to the amount of award − awards are no longer restricted to transportation expenses only.
  • These funds are to assist research and tenured or tenure-track faculty members in scholarly attainment by providing a portion of the travel costs to those who will have an active role (presenting papers or serving as officials) at recognized international meetings . Examples of non-eligible travel: Travel to international conferences where you will have no active role [only attending]; Travel to meetings convened to discuss research programs; Travel for teaching purposes [overseas university guest lecturer; teaching a course at an international university, etc.]; Travel to sabbatical destination.
  • Research and tenured or tenure-track faculty members must continue employment with Purdue University on either an academic-year or twelve-month appointment in the following fiscal year to be eligible for a given year's PRF International Travel Grant.
  • Colleges/schools are asked to provide an annual stewardship report to the OVPR of how the funds were used, and request disposition of any unused grants that remain from that year’s allocation.
  • Travel dates must be within the awarded Fiscal Year (July 1 – June 30).

These funds are for international travel only. Trips to Canada , Mexico , or Puerto Rico are treated fiscally as domestic travel and are eligible for direct funding from departmental general funds.


The PRF International Travel Application Form should be completed and forwarded to the dean of the College/School. * Each school will establish its own internal deadline and specific directions for application.


Travel grants will be made upon recommendation of the academic deans. Recognizing the differences that exist among the various schools of the University, latitude is given the deans in setting additional criteria for application and award of travel grants within their schools. Faculty members may, therefore, expect to receive from their deans a statement concerning eligibility and criteria for award of International Travel Grants.

Payment of Grant Following Award

Instructions for West Lafayette & Regional Campuses Faculty:

Your grant award will be processed through Concur. To receive your PRF International Travel Grant payment, following award, you are asked to contact your departmental business office.

Instructions for IUPUI Faculty
The PRF International Travel Grants awarded to IUPUI faculty will be processed by IUPUI. Please contact the appropriate IUPUI College for additional instructions.
IUPUI - College of Engineering and Technology: 317-278-3010
IUPUI - College of Science: 317-274-8977


Recipients of PRF International Travel awards will receive up to $1,000 toward the cost of all approved travel expenses. The total endowment available is quite modest. The program, therefore, should not be regarded as a likely source of support, supplanting established governmental or private sources of travel funds. In cases where partial funding is available from alternative sources, the recipient of a grant may combine the awards to cover the allowable costs of the trip.


  • For general PRF International Travel Grant competition information, contact Shelley Burton, OVPR,
  • For PRF International Travel Grant competition inquiries specific to your department/school/college, contact your academic dean's office or regional campus contact*.
  • For information on a PRF Travel Advance please contact the Purdue Research Foundation, 765-588-3470 (West Lafayette, IN)

*Purdue Calumet: Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
*Purdue Fort Wayne : Director of Sponsored Programs
*Purdue North Central: Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs