Center Support

Center Requirements

To achieve recognition as an approved Center or Institute of Purdue University, the center organizers/director must first get approval from the appropriate dean(s) and department head(s). A request for the approval of all centers should start with this form link and the OVPR. All research centers must then be approved by the Vice President for Research and the approval of all non-research centers must be approved by the Provost.

Completed form should be sent to Kristi Stroud. The formal request will be reviewed and approved by the Vice President for Research or the Provost.

If the proposed Center is lacking requirements necessary to be an approved center it may be granted “center pending” status until the requirements are fulfilled. The “center pending” status will also be granted for center proposals being submitted to various agencies.

Approved centers will be listed on the OVPR web site at: with a link to the center web site. Centers must submit an annual report in order to maintain approved status.