American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA)

SPS ARRA Proposal Assistance

If you have plans to submit to an ARRA funded solicitation or have questions related to ARRA requests from sponsors, please contact the appropriate Sponsored Program Services Pre-Award area or your academic business office.

Young Pre-Award Services
Jessica Lawrence

College of Engineering Pre-Award Services
Jenny Siemers

Discovery Park Pre-Award Services Debbie Horton

Processing ARRA Proposals at Purdue:

Please note, all proposals related to ARRA funds require a Proposal Submission Form (PSF), academic approvals, and institutional signature prior to being sent to the sponsor.

Information Requests for Currently Pending or Previously Not Funded Proposals:

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act has prompted a number of sponsors to ask faculty for “just-in-time” (JIT) or additional information on previously submitted proposals. As faculty begin to receive notices and phone calls from federal agencies regarding funding under ARRA, we encourage you to route these requests immediately through your academic business office or to your designated Pre-Award area. It is our understanding that mandated turn-around times will be very short. The JIT information requested may include:

  • additional budget details
  • a reduced scope of work and level of effort, should there be reductions in initially proposed funding (i.e. if the sponsor is cycling back to fund a previously submitted proposal)
  • updated other support pages (such as current and pending)
  • information related to approval for the use of human subjects, vertebrate animals, recombinant DNA, and biohazardous materials. For assistance contact: Ianthe Bryant-Gawthrop at

Responses to these requests must be reviewed and submitted by SPS.

Additional Resources:

NIH Recovery Act Checklists for Business Office Use

Sponsored Program Services Website

Stimulus Working Groups

Four groups have been established by the OVPR to assist faculty interested in disciplinary ARRA funding opportunities. Visit the links below for these areas.

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