Research Thrusts

Interdisciplinary Program Research Thrusts

System Analysis of the Solar Econom

  • Develop a system model of the solar economy to reveal all the interactions and opportunities that arise when the solar economy is optimized as a whole

Economic/Environment/Social Impact of Solar Economy

  • Identify solar economy concepts that are economically attractive, have minimal environmental footprint and socially acceptable; and accelerate their adaption by providing informed system wide input to energy and environmental policies.

New Concepts for Sun-to-Electricity

  • Develop new proof-of-principle Sun-to-Electricity devices that open the potential for higher efficiency and lower cost processes compared to current solar electricity generation systems.
solar energy cycle

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Melissa LaGuire
Program Coordinator
Purdue University
Forney Hall of Chemical Engineering
480 Stadium Mall Dr.
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2050