The goal of the SEIGERT program is to educate and train a diverse spectrum of Fellows in the art and science of generating superior integrative concepts/solutions for a future solar economy. Faculty from Purdue University, the University of Delaware and the University of Texas, El Paso with a wide range of research and educational expertise have joined together to achieve this goal.

Name Title Department and Institution
Rakesh Agrawal, PI Winthrop E. Stone Distinguished Professor Chemical Eng. (PU)
Ronald Andres Professor Chemical Eng. (PU)
Barry Benedict Professor & Executive Director Env. Resource Management (UTEP)
Robert Birkmire, Co-PI Professor & Director Institute of Energy Conversion (UD)
George Bodner Arthur Kelly Distinguished Professor Engineering Education (PU)
Brenda Capobianco, Co-PI Associate Professor Engineering Education (PU)
Nathalie Duval-Couetil Associate Director Center for Entrepr. (PU)
Charles Elerick Professor Language & Linguistics (UTEP)
Suresh Garimella R. Eugene & Susie E. Goodson Professor Mechanical Eng. (PU)
Ben Gramig Assistant Professor (Resource Economics) Agricultural Economics (PU)
Jeffrey Gray Associate Professor Electrical & Computer Eng. (PU)
Michael Harris Associate Dean for Undergraduate Ed. College of Engineering (PU)
Mark Lundstrom Scifres Distinguished Professor Electrical & Computer Eng. (PU)
Gregory Lush Associate Professor Electrical & Computer Eng. (UTEP)
John McClure Professor Metallurgical & Mater. Eng. (UTEP)
Jayathi Murthy Professor Mechanical Eng. (PU)
Joseph Pekny Professor & Director e-Enterprise Center (PU)
Leigh Raymond Associate Professor Political Science (PU)
Richard Schwartz Professor Electrical & Computer Eng. (PU)
William Shafarman Assistant Professor Institute of Energy Conversion (UD)
Gerry Shively Professor (Natural Resource Economics) Agricultural Economics (PU)
Wally Tyner, Co-PI Professor (Energy Economics) Agricultural Economics (PU)
David Zubia Assistant Professor Electrical & Computer Eng. (UTEP)

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Melissa LaGuire
Program Coordinator
Purdue University
Forney Hall of Chemical Engineering
480 Stadium Mall Dr.
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