2012 Banquet Recognizes Excellence in Research at Purdue

Nearly 250 Purdue University faculty members and staff gathered November 14, 2012, for the Excellence in Research Awards dinner, celebrating the accomplishments and contributions of Purdue's research community.

Professor Connie Weaver was presented with the 2012 Herbert Newby McCoy Award for her work on the basic mechanisms of calcium uptake and metabolism. Her basic science has had tremendous impact on the health of adolescent females, and in the prevention of osteoporosis. Please access the McCoy Distinguished Lecture here.

Among the honorees were Seed for Success honorees who have garnered a $1 million or more sponsored program award. The Inaugural Morrill Award, the 2012 Morrill Award Winners, and faculty members who received a college or departmental award for outstanding research during FY 2012 also were recognized at the dinner.

2012 Seed for Success Awards

SNAP-Ed Indiana Family Nutrition Program
Angela R. Abbott; Melissa Maulding
from U.S. Department of Agriculture

Mechanism(s) of Hepatocyte Transformation by the Hepatitis B Virus X Protein
Ourania M. Andrisani; Jun Xie
from National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease

Measurement and Modeling of Central Auditory Processing in Aged Animals
Edward L. Bartlett
from National Institute on Deafness and Other Communicative Disorders

Collaborative Research: Integrated Training for Continental Ecology (ITCE): Bridging Scales and Systems with Isotopes
Gabriel J. Bowen; Christopher C. Miller; Eric M. Riggs
from National Science Foundation

Energy Efficient Building Systems Regional Innovation Cluster Initiative
James E. Braun; Qingyan Chen; George T. Chiu; William T. Horton; Jianghai Hu; Panagiota Karava; Athanasios Tzempelikos
from U.S. Department of Energy

Facility Support: Accelerator Mass Spectrometry at PRIME Lab
Marc W. Caffee; Darryl E. Granger; Nathaniel A. Lifton; Paul F. Muzikar
from National Science Foundation

Building and Scaling Analytics Capacity
John P. Campbell; Matthew D. Pistilli
from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Development and Engineering Command, Dynamic Mechanical Properties of High-Performance Fibers
Weinong W. Chen
from U.S. Army Research

Topological Insulator Coherent Energy-efficient Devices
Yong P. Chen; Supriyo Datta; Mark S. Lundstrom; Anant K. Ramdas; Xianfan Xu; Peide Ye
from Office of Naval Research

FY11-12 Indiana University School of Medicine - Lafayette General Fund
Gordon L. Coppoc; Regina A. Kreisle; James J. Walker
from Indiana University - Purdue University at Indianapolis

An Agent-based Concept for an Enhanced C2BMC Architecture
Daniel A. Delaurentis; Saurabh Bagchi; James Eric Dietz; Stephen D. Heister; Joseph Pekny
from Missile Defense Agency

Regional Hub Reception Center Planning Guide
James Eric Dietz; David Black; Dave Hankins; Jefferson F. Howells; Carlos R. Morales; Steve Shelby; Clifford J. Wojtalewicz
from U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Neuroimaging for Early Diagnosis of Manganese Toxicity in Humans and Rodents
Ulrike Dydak; Frank Rosenthal; Wei Z. Zheng
from National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

VACCINE: Visual Analytics for Command, Control and Interoperability Environments, FY12 Funding
David S. Ebert; Timothy F. Collins; Edward J. Delp; Lars Niklas E. Elmqvist
from U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Integrated Striga Control Activity in Sorghum in Ethiopia and Tanzania
Gebisa Ejeta; Tesfaye D. Mengiste
from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Nanofabrication of Tunable 3D Nanotube Architectures
Timothy Fisher; Xiulin Ruan
from Air Force Office of Scientific Research

Tyrosine Kinases and Lymphocyte Activation
Robert L. Geahlen
from National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease

Design & Synthesis of Non-peptide Protease Inhibitors
Arun K. Ghosh
from National Institute of General Medical Sciences

2012 Local Technical Assistance Program Work Plan & Budget
John E. Haddock; John A. Habermann
from U.S. Department of Transportation

IGERT: Global Traineeship in Sustainable Electronics
Carol A. Handwerker; Inez Hua; Ananth V. Iyer; Karthik Ramani
from National Science Foundation

Collagen Cross-links Direct Matrix-Induced Vasculogenesis via Tunable Pathways
Sherry L. Harbin; Bumsoo Han
from National Institution of Heart, Lung and Blood

Improving Robustness of Prosthetic Arm Control with an Innovative RF-Based Implantable EMG System
Pedro Irazoqui
from Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center

Live Single Cell Epigenetic Profiling and Regulation at Single Molecule Resolution
Joseph M. Irudayaraj; Ann Kirchmaier; Sophie A. Lelievre; Amy C. Lossie
from W.M. Keck Foundation

IARPA Finder 2011
Avinash C. Kak; Johnny Park
from Air Force Office of Scientific Research

Identification of Protein-metabolite Interactome
Daisuke Kihara; Chiwook Park; Weiguo A. Tao
from National Institute of General Medical Sciences

Network for Computational Nanotechnology
Gerhard Klimeck; Mark Lundstrom; Michael McLennan; Alejandro Strachan
National Science Foundation

ARI-MA: Development of High Rate, Excellent Energy Resolution, Radiation Damage Insensitive, Liquid Krypton Gamma Ray Detector for Use in High Radiation Environments
David S. Koltick; Ahmed Hassanein
from National Science Foundation

Effects of Language Experience on Early Cortical and Subcortical Pitch Encoding
Ananthanarayan Krishnan; Jackson T. Gandour
from National Institute on Deafness and Other Communicative Disorders

Molecular Basis of Alphavirus Assembly
Richard J. Kuhn
from National Institute of General Medical Sciences

Communicative Disorders
Laurence B. Leonard
from National Institute on Deafness and Other Communicative Disorders

Maddies Shelter Medicine Program
Annette L. Litster; George E. Moore
from Maddies Fund

Collaborative Research: Deep Insights Anytime, Anywhere - Central Resource for Characterizing the Transforming Undergraduate Education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Portfolio through Interactive Knowledge Mining and Visualizations
Krishna P. Charavarthi Madhavan; Lars Niklas E. Elmqvist; Mihaela Vorvoreanu; Phillip C. Wankat
from National Science Foundation

Improved Detection Techniques for Foodborne Pathogens
Lisa J. Mauer; Bruce M.Applegate; Arun K. Bhunia; Joseph M. Irudayaraj; Michael R. Ladisch
from U.S. Department of Agricultural

Center for the Catalytic Conversion of Biomass to Bioenergy (C3Bio)
Maureen McCann; Mahdi M. Abu-Omar; Rakesh Agrawal; Nicholas C. Carpita; Clint Chapple; W. Nicholas Delgass; Hilkka I. Kenttamaa; Nathan S. Mosier; Angus S. Murphy; Wendy A. Peer;
Fabio H. Ribeiro; Garth J. Simpson; Christopher J. Staiger; Daniel, B. Szymanski
from U.S. Department of Energy

Military Community, Family and Youth Extension Program
Renee K. McKee
from U.S. Department of Defense

Afghanistan Agricultural Sanitary and Phytosanitary Project
Kevin T. McNamara; Betty A. Bugusu; Ricky E. Foster; Haley F. Oliver; Ramesh Vemulapalli
from U.S. Department of Agriculture

Afghanistan Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock Agricultural Data Collection and Utilization System Project
Kevin T. McNamara; James M. Lowenberg-Deboer
from U.S. Department of Agriculture

Personality and Well-Being Trajectories in Adulthood
Daniel K. Mroczek
from National Institute on Aging

PRISM: Center for Prediction of Reliability, Integrity and Survivability of Microsystems
Jayathi Y. Murthy; Muhammad A. Alam; Anil K. Bajaj; Ananth Y. Grama; Dimitrios Peroulis; Alejandro H. Strachan
from National Nuclear Security Administration

U.S. Compact Muon Solenoid Operations at Large Hadron Collider
Norbert Neumeister; Daniela Bortoletto; Thomas J. Hacker; Ian P. Shipsey
from National Science Foundation

Toward Intrusion Tolerant Clouds
Cristina Nita-Rotaru; Jennifer L. Neville
from Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center

Science Learning through Engineering Design Targeted Partnership
Alyssa Panitch; Brenda M. Capobianco; Todd R. Kelley; James D. Lehman; Johannes Strobel; Gabriela C. Weaver
from National Science Foundation

Hydrogel Template Method for Protein Microencapsulation
Kinam Park
from National Institute of General Medical Sciences

NEXTRANS - Integrated and Sustainable Transportation Solutions: From Concepts to Deployment
Srinivas Peeta
from U.S. Department of Transportation

Autonomic Control of Body Weight and Feeding
Terry L. Powley
from National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases

Useful to Usable (U2U): Transforming Climate Variability and Change Information for Cereal Crop Producers
Linda S. Prokopy; Otto C. Doerring III; Benjamin M. Gramig; Devdutta S. Niyogi; Xiaohui Carol Song
from U.S. Department of Agriculture

The George E. Brown, Jr. Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation Operations
Julio A. Ramirez; Saurabh Bagchi; Sean Brophy; Shirley Dyke; Rudolf Eigenmann; Barbara Fossum; Thomas J. Hacker; Ayhan Irfanoglu; Santiago Pujol
from National Science Foundation

Cancer Center Support Grant
Timothy L. Ratliff
from National Cancer Institute

Initiation and Regulation of Chronic Autoimmune Prostate Inflammation
Timothy Ratliff; Scott A. Crist; Xiaoqu Liu; Paul W. Snyder
from National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases

Structural Studies of Togaviruses
Michael G. Rossmann
from National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Ionome to Genome: Mapping the Gene Networks Controlling Nutrient Content in Rice Grain
David E. Salt; Mourad Ouzzani
from National Science Foundation

Measurements of Boundary-Layer Instability and Transition in the Mach-6 Quiet Tunnel
Steven P. Schneider
U.S. Department of Defense

MRSEC Photonic and Multiscale Nanomaterials
Vladimir M. Shalaev; Alexandra Boltasseva; Evgueni E. Narimanov
National Science Foundation

Hoosier Heavy Hybrid Center of Excellence (H3CoE)
Gregory M. Shaver; Vahid Motevalli; Maryam Saeedifard
from U.S. Department of Energy

An Experimental and Theoretical High Energy Physics Program
Ian P. Shipsey; Daniela Bortoletto; Wei K. Cui; John P. Finley; Sergei Khlebnikov; Luis M. Krudzenski; Norbert Neumeister
U.S. Department of Energy

Challenges to Vocal Fold Epithelia: Functional and Structural Consequences
Preeti Sivasankar; Paul W. Snyder
from National Institute on Deafness and Other Communicative Disorders

XSEDE: Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment
Xiaohui Carol Song
from National Science Foundation

Literacy Enriched Science through Guided Inquiry — Elevating Thinking and Knowledge
Brandon Sorge; John R. Staver; William S. Walker
from Indiana Department of Education

The Indiana Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (I-STEM) Resource Network
Brandon Sorge; William S. Walker
from Lilly Endowment, Inc

Science and Technology Center — Emerging Frontiers of Science of Information
Wojciech Szpankowski; Ruben C. Aguilar; Mikhail J. Atallah; Christopher Clifton; Supriyo Datta; Ananth Y. Grama; Suresh Jagannathan; Aditya P. Mathur, Jennifer L. Neville; Zygmunt Pizlo; Yuan Qi; Doraiswami Ramkrishna; Vernon J. Rego; Luo Si; Mark Daniel Ward
from National Science Foundation

Experimental Evaluation of Steel-Concrete Wall and Anchorage Design for Nuclear Power Plants
Amit H. Varma
from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd

CPS: Medium: Robust Distributed Wind Power Engineering
Jan Vitek; Douglas E. Adams; Ananth Y. Grama; Suresh Jagannathan
from National Science Foundation

Sustainable Production and Distribution of Bioenergy for the Central USA
Jeffrey J. Volenec; Corinne E. Alexander; Sylvie M. Brouder; Natalie J. Carroll; Indrajeet Chaubey; Keith D. Johnson; Brenda Rose Lerner; Chad A. Martin; Patrick T. Murphy; Nicole J. Olynk; Kathryn S. Orvis; Ronald F. Turco
from U.S. Department of Agriculture

Understanding Effects of Multiple Deployments and Promoting Resiliency in Families and Children of Deployed Service Members
Shelley MacDermid Wadsworth; Sarah A. Mustillo
from U.S. Department of Defense

Submicrometer Silica Particles for High-throughput Separations of Protein Pharmaceuticals
Mary Wirth
from National Institute of General Medical Sciences

SNM: A Scalable Nanomanufacturing Machine for Parallel Nanolithography and Parallel Fabrication of Nanoscale Devices
Xianfan Xu; Timothy Fisher; Minghao Qi; Peide Ye
from National Science Foundation

THz III-V MOSHFETs Enabled by ALD-grown Scalable High-K Gate Insulators (TASK)
Peide Ye
from Air Force Office of Scientific Research

Structure and Function of Sodium-Calcium Exchangers
Dinesh A. Yernool
from National Institute of General Medical Sciences

Safe, Reuse-Oriented Reverse Engineering of Functional Components from x86 Binaries
Xiangyu Zhang; Dongyan Xu
from Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

Calcium Signaling and Ion Homeostasis Regulation
Jian-Kang Zhu
from National Institute of General Medical Sciences

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