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Areas of Basic & Applied Membrane Sciences
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Membrane Protein Structure
 Jeffrey T. Bolin: jtb@purdue.eduBiological Sciences
 Jue Chen : chenjue@purdue.eduBiological Sciences
 Bill Cramer : waclab@purdue.eduBiological Sciences
 Alan Friedman: afried@purdue.eduBiological Sciences
 Chris Hrycyna: hrycyna@purdue.eduDepartment of Chemistry
 Wen Jiang: jiang12@purdue.eduBiological Sciences
 Richard Kuhn: kuhnr@purdue.eduBiological Sciences
 Phillip Low: plow@purdue.eduDepartment of Chemistry
 Angus Murphy: murphy@purdue.eduDepartment of Horticulture
 Carol Post: cpb@purdue.eduBiological Sciences
 Chris Rochet: jrochet@purdue.eduMCMP
 Michael Rossmann: mr@purdue.eduBiological Sciences
 David Sanders: retrovir@purdue.eduBiological Sciences
 C. Stauffacher: cstauffa@purdue.eduBiological Sciences
 David Thompson : davethom@purdue.eduDepartment of Chemistry
 Dinesh Yernool
: dyernool@purdue.eduBiological Sciences


Areas of Basic and Applied Membrane Sciences

The four general areas represented by the members of the Center are:

  • Structure Determination & Biophysical Characterization;
  • Membrane Transport and Intracellular Trafficking;
  • Membrane Receptors & Signaling Networks;
  • Methods Development & Applications of Membrane Systems.
Based on the expertise of the participants, these general fields include studies in the following more specific areas:

Membrane Biology Group in the Purdue University Life Sciences (PULSe) Program

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