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Symposium on Frontiers in Biological Membranes
October 16-18, 2008
Dean’s auditorium and gallery, Pfendler Hall
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Thursday, October 16
5:00pm   Welcome Reception – Drinks and appetizers
5:30-7:30pm   Poster Session

Friday, October 17
Session I: Structure Function of Membrane Proteins
Chairs: Cynthia Stauffacher and Dinesh Yernool
8:25am   Welcome by Bill Cramer
8:30-9:20am   William Weis, Stanford University
Structure of the beta2 adrenergic receptor
9:20-9:45am   Michael Rossmann, Purdue University
Structure and function of membranes that may envelope many viruses
9:45- 10:10am   Jue Chen, Purdue University
Crystal structure of the E. coli maltose transporter
10:10-10:35am   Bill Cramer, Purdue University
Structure strategies for transfer of large molecules across membranes
10:35-10:55am   Coffee/tea break
Session II: Membrane Receptors and Signaling
Chairs: Chris Staiger and Dave Nichols
10:55-11:45am   Richard Anderson, University of Wisconsin
PIP kinases and phosphoinositide signaling
11:45am-12:20pm   R. Claudio Aguilar, Purdue University
Signaling functions of the endocytotic machinery
12:20-12:50pm   Marietta Harrison, Purdue University
Signaling from Golgi membranes in T cells
12:50-1:15pm   Dave Nichols, Purdue University
Molecular modeling, mutagenesis, and ligand synthesis: mapping the agonist binding domains of G protein coupled receptors
1:15 – 3:00pm   Lunch
Session III: Membrane Transport and Intercellular Trafficking
Chairs: Chris Hrycyna and Wendy Peer
3:00- 3:50pm   Robert Tampe, Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt
Structure and function of TAP, the transporter associated with antigen processing
3:50-4:15pm   Amy Davidson, Purdue University
Using EPR to detect conformational changes in the maltose transporter
4:15-4:40pm   Angus Murphy, Purdue University
The membrane-anchored M1.10 protease APM1 characterizes an IRAP-like endosomal compartment in Arabidopsis
4:40-5:05pm   Eric Barker, Purdue University
Exploration of drug binding sites on the antidepressant and cocaine-sensitive Serotonin transporter
5:05-5:25pm   Discussion session
Angus Murphy: moderator
5:30 – 6:15pm   Birck and Bindley Tours (TBA)
7:00pm   Session chairs take Invited and Internal Speakers to Dinner

Saturday, October 18
Session IV: Emerging Applications of Membrane Technologies
Chairs: John Morgan and David Nivens
9:00-9:50am   Horst Vogel, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Investigating cellular signaling at the nanometer and attoliter scale
9:50-10:15am   David Thompson, Purdue University
Development of a supported membrane sensor for the detection of isoprenylcarboxymethyl transferase activity
10:15- 10:40am   Ken Ritchie, Purdue University
Single molecule imaging of the dynamic structure of membranes in living cells
10:40-11:05am   Ji-xin Cheng, Purdue University
Imaging membrane by CARS microscopy: from domains in supported bilayer to demyelination in multiple sclerosis
11:05- 11:20am   Coffee/tea break
“Bio-Pharma View of the Pipeline of Membrane Protein Research”
Roundtable Discussion
11:20 – 12:30pm   Guest speakers
Mark Chiu, Abbott Laboratories
Warren MacKellar, Eli Lilly
12:30pm   End of Symposium

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