About us


  1. The mission of the PPDA is to improve conditions for postdoctoral researchers that are appointed and/or hosted by Purdue.
  2. Primary goals of the PPDA Council include the following:
    1. To strive for the professional enrichment and development of postdoctoral researchers at Purdue.
    2. To develop and maintain a platform for social and professional interaction among postdoctoral researchers and between postdoctoral researchers and the body of students, staff members and faculty members at Purdue.
    3. To clearly define and communicate the postdoctoral status at an institutional level and to promote awareness of the contributions of postdoctoral researchers to Purdue University and science in general.
  3. The members of the PPDA Council act as a liaison to the postdoctoral population at large and represent the interests of Purdue's postdoctoral researchers.

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For any questions pertaining to the Purdue Postdoc Association, please us at (ppda@purdue.edu).