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The Purdue Postdoctoral Association (PPDA) was founded in the fall of 2009 to promote community building among the estimated 350 postdoctoral researchers at Purdue. The PPDA Council addresses issues faced by current and future postdoctoral researchers at Purdue.

It is estimated that there are approximately 89,000 postdocs involved in research in the United States (National Science Foundation, Science and Engineering Indicators 2008). Postdocs typically perform research under the supervision and mentorship of a more senior researcher, often called the postdoctoral advisor. The number of postdocs in the U.S. has been steadily increasing as many disciplines use the position as a career step following the receipt of a doctoral degree. In fact, a key characteristic of a postdoc position is that it is a temporary career-building step on the path to a more permanent position. [source: http://www.nationalpostdoc.org/]

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For any questions pertaining to the Purdue Postdoc Association, please us at (ppda@purdue.edu).