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Acoustical Disciplines or Program Areas
Acoustical Disciplines
Acoustics in the Arts    Biomedical Acoustics    Engineering Acoustics & Noise Control    
Physcial Acoustics & Wave Propagation    Speech Language & Hearing Sciences    

Acoustics in the Arts

Richard Thomas VPA, Theater, Building Acoustics
Fabian Winkler VPA, electroacoustic systems in multimedia art installations
Helen Brown VPA, music perception

Biomedical Acoustics
Ed Bartlett BIO and BME, auditory thalamus physiology
Donna Fekete BIO, molecular genetics of inner ear development
Eri Hashino IUPUI, inner ear stem cells
Mike Heinz BME and SLHS, Auditory neurophysiology
Jeff Lucas BIO, animal hearing
Kevin Otto BIO and BME, auditory cortex implants
Ian Shipsey PHYS, Education: cochlear physiology and cochlear implants. Dr. Shipsey is deaf and has a cochlear implant
Tom Talavage BME and ECE, functional neuroimaging in audition, speech and language
George Wodicka BME, biomedical acoustics and acoustic biosensors
Engineering Acoustics and Noise Control
Doug Adams ME, Condition monitoring, non-linear vibrations and acoustics
Robert Bernhard ME, Noise and Vibration Control
Greg Blaisdell A&AE, Aeroacoustics and turbulence modeling
J.Stuart Bolton ME, Noise and Vibration Control
Patricia Davies ME, Psychoacoustics, Noise and Vibration Control
Sanford Fleeter ME, turbomachinery noise
Steve Frankel ME, Computational Aeroacoustics
Tasos Lyrintzis A&AE, Aeroacoustics
Bryan Pijanowski F, Environmental Acoustics Research
Thomas Siegmund ME, solid mechanics, biomechanics of vocal folds tissue
Hong Tan ECE, haptics
Physical Acoustics and Wave Propagation
Eric Calais EAS, acoustic wave propagation in the atmosphere as a result of geophysical and anthropic phenomena
Osvaldo Campanella ABE, ultrasound
Marteen DeHoop MATH, inverse problems, numerical analysis
Hersh Gilbert ESA, broad-band observational seismology, receiver functions
Nick Giordano PHYS, musical acoustics
Inez Hua CE, environmental applications of acoustic cavitation
Kai Ming Li ME, Environmental Acoustics
Laura J. Pyrak-Nolte PHYS, seismic wave propagation, fractures
Bob Nowack EAS, seismic wave propagation, inverse problems
Timothy Sands MSE, Heterogeneous Integration, piezoelectric thin films and nanostructures
Rusi Taleyarkan NE, Physical Acoustics (imploding cavities, metastable fluids)

Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences
King Chung SLHS, hearing amplification
David Ertmer SLHS, hearing rehabilitation
Alex Francis SLSH, linguistic auditory processing
Jack Gandour SLHS, auditory speech processing, linguistics
Joyce Hawkins SLHS, clinical audiology
George Hollich SHLS, infant audiovisual perception, language acquisition in infants.
Jessica Huber SLHS, speech physiology
Karen Kirk SLHS, cochlear implants, speech and language processing
Ravi Krishnan SLHS, auditory electrophysiology
Lata Krishnan audiology clinic director, pediatric hearing loss
Xin Luo SLHS, cochlear implants and speech perception
Robert Novak SLHS, hearing conservation, auditory rehabilitation
Jennifer Simpson SLHS, audiology
Preeti Sivasankar SLHS, voice pathology
Elizabeth Strickland SLHS, psychoacoustics, hearing conservation
Shannon Van Hyfte SLHS, general clinical audiology
Chris Weber-Fox SLHS, auditory perception, stuttering, speech auditory processing

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