Resources - Target Discovery


Sophisticated bioinformatics support is essential to success in drug discovery. The analysis of large-scale data sets is critical to target discovery efforts, while statistical expertise is needed for appropriate experimental design for in vivo studies and critical power analysis.

Bioinformatics Core

The Bioinformatics Core at Purdue facilitates, amplifies and accelerates biological research and drug discovery through application of bioinformatics. Services include consultation, analysis, workshops and grant support. Contact: Jyothi Thimmapuram, Young Hall,, 765-496-6252.

Computational Life Sciences & Informatics

Positioned at the intersection of modern biology, quantitative modeling and high performance computing, Computational Life Sciences & Informatics focuses on the development and application of computational tools and techniques to solve complex problems in biosciences. Contact: Erik Gough, Bindley Bioscience Center 119,, 765-496-3975.

Statistical Bioinformatics Center

Located in the Department of Statistics at Purdue, the Statistical Bioinformatics Center provides sequencing, QTL, microarray, genomic and protein array analyses as well as comparison and combination data analysis and combining genomic data. Contact: Rebecca Doerge, Felix Haas Hall,, 765-494-3141.


Purdue Genomics Facility

Located in the College of Agriculture, the Purdue Genomics Facility provides both next-generation-Illumina, Applied Biosystems SOLiD and Roche GS - FLX(454) - and "Sanger" Sequencing. Contact: Phillip SanMiguel, Whistler Hall of Agriculture,, 765-496-6328


Metabolite Profiling Facility

The Metabolite Profiling Facility enables qualitative and quantitative metabolomics in complex biological systems, employing highly sensitive mass spectrometry coupled with liquid chromatography and multi-dimensional gas chromatography. Contact: Bruce Cooper, Bindley Bioscience Center 134,, 765-494-6282