Resources - Medicinal Chemistry

Chemical Synthesis

The Purdue Interdepartmental NMR Facility (PINMRF) is a university-wide resource dedicated to supporting NMR spectroscopy and to making this analytical technique available to researchers at Purdue and elsewhere in the scientific community. PINMRF currently has ten NMR spectrometers located in six facilities in four buildings on the Purdue campus. Contact: John Harwood, or 765-494-5287.

The Campus-wide Mass Spectrometry Center (CWMSC) provides major mass spectrometric ionization techniques and sample introduction methods, including gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, electron impact, chemical ionization, electrospray ionization, inductively coupled argon plasma, matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization, atmospheric pressure chemical ionization and high resolution mass measurements. Contact: Karl V. Wood, or 765-494-7357.

Structure-Based Drug Design

The Biological Electron Microscopy Facility (BEMF) is intended to create the infrastructure for high-throughput structure determination of biological macromolecules and their assemblies by electron cryo-microscopy and three-dimensional image reconstruction. The scientific program includes a variety of studies using cryo-EM for 3D structure determination of viruses, bacteriophage or other larger macromolecular complexes, as well as employing cryo-electron tomography to examine virus/cell interactions. Contact: Agustin Avila-Sakar at or 765-494-1487.