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GPRI Research Incentive Awards


2013 GPRI Research Incentive Awards

1) Feed the World Well: How Epigenetics can Help Better Tailor Food & Nutrition Policies to the Health Needs of Populations
PI: Sophie Lelievre, Basic Medical Sciences
Ellen Gruenbaum, Anthropology
Connie Weaver, Nutrition Science

2) Leading with Knowledge - Empowering Communities to Attain Food Security, Proper Nutrition, Good Health and Economic Growth for Families with HIV in Western Kenya
PI: Stephen Weller, Horticulture
Darrell Schulze, Agronomy
Steve Yaninek, Entomology
Gary Burniske, Center for Global Food Security
Maria Marshall, Agricultural Economics

2012 GPRI Research and Workshop Incentive Awards

1)  Workshop Focusing on Global Policies for Infrastructure Monitoring and Management:  A Paradigm Shift in Lifecycle Costs and Optimization of Resources
PI:  Shirley Dyke, Mechanical and Civil Engineering
Hoon Sohn, Civil Engineering
Thomas Hacker, Computer Technology
Doug Adams, Mechanical Engineering
Daniel Aldrich, Political Science
Ayhan Irfanoglu, Civil Engineering

2) U.S.-Mexico Workshop on Sustainable Biofuels Production
PI:  Arvind Varma, Chemical Engineering
Enrico Martinez, Chemical Engineering
Michael Ladisch, Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Maureen McCann, Biological Sciences
Arvind Raman, Mechanical Engineering
Anatoli Rapoport, Curriculum and Instruction
John Sutherland, Environmental and Ecological Engineering
Ignacio Grossmann, Chemical Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University

3) Modeling Framework for Policy Development to Mitigate Drought Impacts in East Africa
PI:  Buyung (Datu) Agusdinata, Aeronautics and Astronautics
Venkatesh Merwade, Civil Engineering
Jeff Trapp, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Dwayne Woods, Political Science

4)  Economic and Environmental Consequences of Widespread Deployment of Solar Photovoltaics:  A Computational Approach
PI:  Fu Zhao, Mechanical Engineering
Chong Xiang, Economics
Carol Handwerker, Materials Engineering
Jevgenijs Steinbuks, Agricultural Economics

5) Policymaking Considering Interdependent Infrastructure Systems:  An Economic General Equilibrium Approach
PI:  Srinivas Peeta, Civil Engineering
Wallace Tyner, Agricultural Economics
William Novshek, Economics
Jeffrey Peters, Civil Engineering
Michael Taylor, University of South Australia

6)  Global Food Price Volatility and Climate Change:  Understanding Policy Options and their Trade-Offs
PI:  Nelson Villoria, Agricultural Economics
Thomas Hertel, Agricultural Economics
Dev Niyogi, Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences
Hao Zhang, Forestry and Natural Resources

2011 GPRI Research Incentive Awards

1)  Development of Markets for Local Food Crop to Enhance Incomes and Improve Food Security for Smallholder Farmers in East Africa
PI:  Betty Bugusu, Food Science
Bruce Hamaker, Food Science
John Lumkes, Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Maria Marshall, Agricultural Economics
Vahid Motevalli, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Suzanne Nielsen, Food Science
Sharon Williams, Anthropology

2)  A Global Spatially-Explicit, Open-Source Data Base for Analysis of Agriculture, Forestry, and the Environment:  Kickoff Workshop for a 2 Year Pilot Project
PIs:   Thomas Hertel, Agricultural Economics
Nelson Villoria, Agricultural Economics
Carol Song, ITaP
Christopher Miller, Library Science
International Co-Investigators:
Wolfgang Brigz, Bonn University, Germany
Noah Diffenbaugh, Stanford University
Glenn Hyman, International Center for Tropical Agriculture
Andrew Nelson, International Rice Research Institute, Philippines
Navin Ramankutty, McGill University, Montreal
Stefan Siebert, Bonn University, Germany
Stanley Wood, International Food Policy Research Institute, D.C.

3)  Post-Harvest Loss and Mycotoxin Reduction in the Commodity Value Chain in Maize Production in Ghana
PI:  Klein Ileleji, Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Corinne Alexander, Agricultural Economics
Mohan Dutta, Liberal Arts Administration
Kevin Keener, Food Science
Titilayo Okoror, Health and Kinesiology
Suranjan Panigrahi, Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology

4)  Family Food Security for Poor Households in Africa:  Grassroots Framing of Sheep and Goat Husbandry, Productivity and Animal and Human Health
PI:  Abdelfattah Nour, Basic Medical Sciences
Arun Bhunia, Food Science
Mohan Dutta, Liberal Arts Administration
Kenneth Foster, Agricultural Economics
Joan Fulton, Agricultural Economics
Ellen Gruenbaum, Anthropology
April Johnson, Comparative Pathobiology
Maria Marshall, Agricultural Economics

2010 GPRI Research and Workshop Incentive Awards

1)  Bridging Income Generation with Provision of Incentives for Care (BIGPIC)
PI:  Sonak Pastakia, Pharmacy Practice
Benjamin Andama, AMPATH Income Generation Initiative
Naiomi Lundman, Indiana Institute for Global Health
Jemima Kamano, Moi Teaching & Referral Hospital, AMPATH
Mercy Nabwire Ouma, Moi Teaching & Referral Hospital
Ellen Schellhase, Pharmacy Practice, Purdue University

2) Public Health Policies for Breast Cancer Prevention Research:  A Global Venture
PI:  Sophie Lelievre, Basic Medical Sciences, Oncological Sciences Center
Ellen Gruenbaum, Anthropology
Laurence Gabriel, University of the French West Indies & Guyana
Martine Bellanger, French School of Public Health
Marie-Laure Moquet-Anger, University of Rennes, France

3)  Increasing Electricity Trading and Environmental Sustainability in Southeast Europe
PI:  Paul Preckel, Agricultural Economics, Energy Center
Brian Bowen, American University, Kosovo
James Myers, Rochester Institute of Technology
Benjamin Gramig, Agricultural Economics
F.T. Sparrow, Professor Emeritus, Purdue
Fadel Ismajli, Kosovo Transmission System and Market Operator
Skender Isufi, Korporata Energjetike e Kosoves Kosovo
Agon Meca, Albania
Verica Taseska, Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts

4)  Proposal for Joint Purdue-Brazil Symposium on Bio-energy:  Spring 2011
PI:  James Lowenberg-DeBoer, International Program in Agriculture
Wally Tyner, Agricultural Economics
Roberto Francisco DE Azevedo, Federal University of Vicosa, Brazil

5)  All (Climate) Politics are Local?  Exploring the Relationship between Framing of Scientific Projections of Local Climate Change Impacts and Sub-National Policy Design
PI:  Leigh Raymond, Political Science
Rosalee Clawson, Political Science
Noah Diffenbaugh, Stanford University
Laura Bowling, Agronomy
Keith Cherkauer, Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Timothy Filley, Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences
Benjamin Gramig, Agricultural Economics
Katsuo Nishikawa, Political Science
Barry Rabe, University of Michigan
Jeffrey Trapp, Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences
Quinlai Zhuang, Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences/Agronomy

6)  Bridges to Sustainability:  Research Workshops with the Australian and New Zealand Institutions
PI:  Matthew Huber, Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences
John Bickman, Forrestry, Center for the Environment
Maureen McCann, Biological Sciences, Energy Center
Rabi Mohtar, Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Leigh Raymond, Political Science

7)  Network Resilience in Disasters:  An Interdisciplinary, International Perspective
PIs:   Daniel Aldrich, Political Science
         Satish Ukkusuri, Civil Engineering
Janki Andharia, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, India
Yasuyuki Sawada, The University of Tokyo, Japan
Michiel Bliener, TU Delft, Netherlands

8)  New Perspectives on Intractable Problems:  Informal Institutions as Policy Responses to Global Grand Challenges
PI: Laurel Weldon, Political Science
Ximena Arriaga, Psychological Sciences
Ann Marie Clark, Political Science
Daniel Kelly, Philosophy
Leigh Raymond, Political Science


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