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Policy Briefs

The Faculty Policy Briefs can be found on our Policy Briefs site located here.

  • GPRI Policy Brief #1: Description of 2011 Biofuels Policy Alternatives, Wallace E. Tyner - 04//2011
  • GPRI Policy Brief #2:  Role of Natural Gas in America's Energy Future:  Focus on Transportation, Dharik S. Mallapragada & Rakesh Agrawal - 02/2013
  • GPRI Policy Brief #3:  The Scholar's Initiative, Charles Ingrao - 02/2013
  • GPRI Policy Brief #4:  Measuring the Impacts of Agricultural Input Subsidies in Sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence from Malawi's Farm Input Subsidy Program, Gerald Shively & Jacob Ricker-Gilbert - 02/2013
  • GPRI Policy Brief #5:  Maximizing the Delivery Performance of Point-of-Care CD4+ T-Cell Counting Tests in Resource-Limited Settings - A Policy Brief, Nan Kong, J. Paul Robinson, & Fenggang Yang - 02/2013
  • GPRI Policy Brief #6:  Overview: The Role of Information Policy in Resolving Global Challenges, Sharon Weiner - 02/2013
  • GPRI Policy Brief #7:  Food Security and State:  Policy Considerations for the Contemporary Food Crisis, Mangala Subramaniam & Christopher Bunka - 02/2013


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