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About the Global Policy Research Institute


The Global Policy Research Institute (GPRI) enhances the visibility and impact of Purdue University's strengths in policy-related and multidisciplinary research, education, service, and outreach to inform decision-makers on global policy issues.

Key Characteristics

The Global Policy Research Institute is creating:

  • a vibrant community of faculty experts, students, policymakers and media representatives convening to discuss pressing public issues.
  • a venue for multidisciplinary, evidence-based collaboration in policy-relevant research
  • new capacities for timely analysis with briefings, conferences and symposia
  • an agenda that addresses emerging national and global needs while building on Purdue's strengths and research priorities.

Leveraging Our Strengths

Of the more than 1,500 policy institutes across the United States, including those at other Big Ten universities, very few include core participation from campus experts in science, engineering, and technology. These realms however are critical spheres of influence for the 5,000 researchers at Purdue University, which has grown into a $500 million hub for interdisciplinary research and learning.

In addition, few policy institutes are set up to address problems on a global scale, although countries are becoming increasingly dependent on each other to solve looming social issues. Purdue University, however, boasts faculty, students, and staff from more than 128 countries, giving voice to many different perspectives. Purdue is on the ground in many developing countries, translating research into action that saves lives.

We are concentrating on these seven critical global concerns within the Global Policy Research Institute: