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The Purdue Research Foundation (PRF) Research Grants are one-year awards distributed through the EVPRP to assist faculty by providing support for a half-time (0.50 FTE) PRF Research Assistant at the Ph.D. level for their effort in the development of new or the continuation of ongoing research projects.


  • Allocation notices, spreadsheets and instructions will be sent to academic deans from the office of the Executive Vice President for Research and Partnerships (EVPRP) during the fall semester. If you have any questions, please contact the EVPRP Business Office at
  • Faculty will be notified of internal department/school/college deadline dates via their department head and/or Dean's Office.
  • Awards will be announced by each department/school/college upon completion of their award process.

Faculty Eligibility

Full-time, research, tenured or tenure-track faculty members, who supervise Ph.D. research are eligible to apply for a PRF Research Grant to support a 0.50 FTE Ph.D. Research Assistant. A faculty member may not have two active PRF Research Grants simultaneously. If the faculty member awarded the grant leaves Purdue, the EVPRP will work with the department head and dean to minimize the impact of the change on the student supported by the grant.

Allocation of PRF Research Grant Funds to Schools/Colleges

PRF Research Grant funds are allocated on an annual basis to Purdue University colleges or schools that administer graduate programs granting the Ph.D. degree. The PRF Research Grant allocation is based upon the number of Ph.D. degrees granted and half-time graduate salary established by the Graduate School. Specifically, the number of PRF Research Grant awards allocated in a given year will reflect the proportional share of total University Ph.D. degrees granted over the previous three years from each college/school. The salary is Purdue's current minimum half-time graduate salary established by the Graduate School including funding to cover graduate student medical insurance, fringe benefits, and fee remits.

Annual Salary

Within the funds provided, the colleges or school can provide an annual salary at the units’ current 0.50 FTE salary level. In addition, except for PRF awards to IUPUI, the student supported on the grant receives a remission of all tuition and fees except for the applicable graduate appointment fee, repair and rehabilitation fee, and any discipline specific differential fees.

Submission, Selection & Awarding of PRF Research Grants to Eligible Faculty within a College or School

Each year, it will be the responsibility of the deans of Ph.D. degree granting colleges/schools to determine which eligible faculty will be the recipients of the PRF Research Grant. Each college/school is responsible for verifying the student’s status as a Ph.D. graduate student.

Each Ph.D. degree granting college/school will establish its own internal deadline and procedures for submission of proposals and selection of eligible faculty to receive allocated PRF Research Grants. Faculty will be notified of unit-specific deadline dates and proposal submission criteria via their department head and/or dean's office.

Project Period

PRF Research Grants are established with an initial June 1 - May 31 project period. Units may request an alternate start date, however, it may not be any earlier than June 1 and no later than September 1.

No-cost extensions may be requested through the department/college/school or EVPRP using the "Purdue Prior Approval" form found at:, A – Z Index, Prior Approval Instructions – Internal. Send completed form to the EVPRP Business Office at

Normally, a one-year grant would not be approved for a no-cost extension exceeding a total of two additional years.

If a faculty member is unable to use a PRF Research Grant in the year it is awarded, and requests an initial one-year no-cost extension, EVPRP will discuss with the college/school the option of awarding that grant to another faculty member in the current year, with the potential of the academic unit making a priority allocation of a grant to the originally selected faculty member the next year.

Student Eligibility

Only Purdue University graduate students in good standing (minimum GPA = 3.0) working for the Ph.D. degree may be appointed as PRF Research Assistants. The student must have satisfied all the requirements of the graduate program to be recognized as a Ph.D. student (e.g. Ph.D. program qualifying requirements, etc., as appropriate) and be actively working on their Ph.D. research (e.g. registered for credit in a departmental 699 graduate research course). With the consent of the department head, substitution of one eligible Ph.D. graduate student for another eligible Ph.D. graduate student may occur at any time at the discretion of the faculty grant recipient.

Graduate Staff Appointment

PRF Research Assistantships are not Graduate Fellowships. The PRF Research Grant supports a 0.50 FTE research assistantship at Purdue. A PRF Research Assistant may accept an additional graduate staff appointment to the extent allowed by regulations of the Graduate School. The student must be registered for 699 course(s) during the entire FY appointment period (including summer session). As with other half- time research appointments, the student must register for a minimum of six hours of Ph.D. research (699) with a maximum course registration of 12 hours. A PRF Research Assistant accepting an additional appointment as a graduate assistant in research must register for at least nine hours of Ph.D. research, and will be limited to nine credit hours of course work. A PRF Research Assistant accepting an additional appointment as a graduate teaching assistant must register for at least 6 hours of Ph.D. research and will be limited to nine hours of course work. During the Summer Sessions the limits are one-half of the regular semester.

Regulatory Approvals

If the research project supported by a PRF Research Grant requires review and approval for use of animals (PACUC), human subjects (IRB), and/or r-DNA, infectious agents, unfixed human fluids, human tissues or human cell lines (IBC), the investigator must ensure that all appropriate protocols are active and current prior to release of funds. In some instances, a Memorandum of Understanding [MOU] is appropriate until the needed regulatory approvals are obtained. The PRF Research Grant recipient can request the MOU through the EVPRP office (contact Regulatory approvals must remain active and current until the project is completed.

Modifications to Status of Grant

If the faculty recipient of a PRF Research Grant leaves Purdue University, after the grant has been awarded, the EVPRP Business Office must be notified in writing (email is acceptable)

Salary Supplement

The salary for the half-time appointment on the PRF Research Grant will vary from year to year. A department may supplement the salary of a PRF Research Assistant with the following:

  • Salary support requiring no additional duties, from:
    • Departmental, non-sponsored program funds (e.g., general funds or gift);
    • Unrestricted voluntary support administered by SPS;
    • A sponsored project, if the research benefits both projects, the research assistant's efforts are allocable to both projects, and the salary being charged is allowable on the sponsored project.
    • Salary distribution for the supplemented grad appointment is made through the cost distribution system and certified through the PAR process.
  • Salary support through an additional graduate appointment. Appointments beyond 0.50 FTE may be made in any increment, in accordance with graduate staff appointment guidelines.
  • A supplementation from a fellowship account, which will be subject to the policies of Executive Memorandum A-199.


  • Inquiries regarding guidelines and procedures for the PRF Research Grant competition should be directed to the academic dean's offices.
  • Inquiries regarding administration of existing PRF Research Grant awards should be directed to departmental business offices.

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