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SEMINAR: "Aspects of Electrokinetics and Ultrasound Acoustophoresis in Micro- and Nanochannels," by

September 9 @ 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM - BRK 2001

Resent results are presented on electrokinetics and ultrasound handling
of particles in micro- and nanofluidics. The first part focuses on
experimental and theoretical studies of electrokinetic liquid/solid
interface properties of electrolytes in bare and silane-coated silica
nanochannels. Chemical equilibrium models of the bulk electrolyte and
the silica wall are coupled self-consistently with an electrostatic
Gouy-Chapman-Stern model, and the resulting predictions are verified
experimentally using capillary filling and eleoctro-osmotic flow [1].

The second part focuses on experimental and theoretical studies of
ultrasound acoustophoresis of microparticles and cells in microchannels.
The basic theory of acoutophoresis is presented together with a new
method for in-situ measurement of the acoustic radiation pressure on
microparticles [2], and finally some examples of sorting and
syunchronization of biological cells sorting are discussed [3].

[1] M.B. Andersen, J. Frey, S. Pennathur, and H. Bruus.
“Surface-dependent chemical equilibrium constants and capacitances in
bare and silane-coated silica nanochannels”.
J. Colloid Interface Sci., (submitted, June 2010).

[2] R. Barnkob, P. Augustsson, T. Laurell, and H. Bruus. “Measuring the
local pressure amplitude in microchannel acoustophoresis”. Lab Chip 10,
563 (2010).

[3] P. Thevoz, J.D. Adams, H. Shea, H. Bruus, and H.T. Soh.
“Acoustophoretic synchronization of mammalian cells in microchannels”.
Anal. Chem. 82, 3094 (2010).

Prof. Henrik Bruus received his B.Sc. In Mathematics and Physics from
the University of Copenhagen in 1984 and his M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in
Physics from the Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen in 1986
and 1990, respectively. He was post doctoral fellow at Nordic Institute
of Theoretical Physics 1990-92, Yale University 1992-94 and CNRS
Grenoble 1994-96. He returned to the Niels Bohr Institute as an
associate professor 1997-2001, before he joined the faculty at DTU
Nanotech, Technical Univer sity of Denmark in 2002. He was promoted full
professor there in 2005. He has (co)authored over 80 peer-reviewed
journal papers on Condensed Matter Physics and Microfluidics, as well as
over 100 conference contributions and 2 mono graphs, the latest being
"Theoretical Microfluidics", Oxford University Press (2008).

(Host: Steve Wereley, 45624,

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