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Contact Information

Radiological and
Environmental Management
550 Stadium Mall Drive
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2051

Information: (765) 49-46371
Fax: (765) 49-47403
Office Location: HAMP B173
Campus Mail: REM, HAMP

Page Updated:
April 11, 2014

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Staff Listings

Staff Listed by Work Area
See Listed by Last Name

Main Office: (765) 49-46371        FAX: (765) 49-47403

Name Title Telephone
Carol Shelby Senior Director, Environmental Health and Safety 49-47504
James Schweitzer, Ph.D. REM Director 49-42350
Robin Ridgway, Ph.D. PE, LEED AP, Director of Environmental Health and Safety Regulatory Compliance 49-66405
Phyllis Hill Secretary 49-46371

Construction Health and Safety
Asbestos Abatement, Project Planning, Lead Abatement, Multi-Employer Work Site Safety
Name Title Telephone
Kevin Thedans Construction Health & Safety Coordinator 49-61937
Dick Carles CHS Technician 49-41019
Dave Strange CHS Technician 49-41019
Oscar Alvarez Environmental Technician 49-41019
Kevin Boes Environmental Technician 49-41019
Ryan Tyson Environmental Technician 49-41019
Terry VanHoosier Environmental Technician 49-41019

Environmental Health
Bloodborne Pathogens, Public Health, Food Safety, Biohazards, TB Awareness, Potable Water,
Controlled Substances, Animal Exposure Occupational Health, Biological Safety Cabinets, Laminar Flow Clean Benches
Name Title Telephone
Robert Golden Biological Safety Officer 49-41496
Rachael DeRudder Environmental Technician 49-47968
Jennifer Asbury Environmental Technician 49-41498

Hazardous Materials Management
Chemical & Biological Waste Disposal, Non-Emergency Spill Cleanup
FAX (765) 496-1106
Name Title Telephone
Adam Krajicek Hazardous Materials Manager 49-63072
Brenda Snider Secretary 49-40121
Dan Miller Hazardous Materials Chemist 49-67364
Amy Theivagt Hazardous Materials Chemist 49-69359
Lanie Hazlewood Hazardous Materials Shipping Specialist 49-67367
Mike Lauderdale Environmental Technician 49-62418
Juan Vazquez Environmental Technician 49-67366
Stuart Smith Environmental Technician 49-62418

Industrial Hygiene
Laboratory Safety, Hazard Communication, Lead Management, Confined Space, Indoor Air, Hearing Conservation
Name Title Telephone
Linda Swihart Ph.D. Industrial Hygienist 49-43244
Heath Bentley Industrial Hygienist 49-43134
Joseph Henseler Industrial Hygienist 49-40204
Stephanie Rainey Environmental Technician 49-43152
Abby Pettigrew Environmental Technician 49-40110

Radiological Management
Radioactive Material Ordering, Disposal, Training, and Safety Consulting   
Name Title Telephone
Zach Tribbett Health Physicist/Laser Safety Officer 49-41478
Matthew Tang Health Physicist 49-42721
Sharon Rudolph Environmental Technician 49-47969
Jerry Gibbs Environmental Technician 49-40207
Mike Nicholson Environmental Technician 49-40205

Safety and Ergonomics
General Safety, Ergonomics, Building Inspections, Safety Training
Name Title Telephone
Eric Butt Occupational Health and Safety Manager 49-49227
Kristi Evans Occupational Safety Specialist 49-41431
Alan Gerth Occupational Safety Specialist 49-62089
Brian McDonald Occupational Safety Specialist  49-63712
David Petros Occupational Safety Specialist 49-66406
Judah Young Occupational Safety Specialist  49-47293

Staff Alphabetically by Last Name
See Listed by Work Area

Click staff member's name to see job duties. Click email address to initiate an email. The West Lafayette campus telephone numbers have the 765 area code.

West Lafayette Campus
Staff Member Title Phone Email Address
Alvarez, Oscar Environmental Technician 49-41019
Bentley, Heath Industrial Hygienist 49-43134
Boes, Kevin Environmental Technician 49-41019
Butt, Eric Occupational Health and Safety Manager 49-49227
Carles, Dick  Construction Health and Safety Technician 49-41019
DeRudder, Rachael Environmental Technician 49-47968
Evans, Kristi Occupational Safety Specialist 49-41431
Gerth, Alan  Occupational Safety Specialist 49-62089
Gibbs, Jerry Environmental Technician 49-40207
Golden, Bob Biological Safety Officer 49-41496
Hazlewood, Lanie Hazardous Materials Shipping Specialist 49-67367
Henseler, Joseph Industrial Hygienist 49-40204
Hill, Phyllis Secretary 49-46371
Krajicek, Adam Hazardous Materials Manager 49-63072
Lauderdale, Mike Environmental Technician 49-62418
McDonald, Brian Occupational Safety Specialist  49-63712
Miller, Dan Hazardous Materials Chemist 49-67364
Nicholson, Michael Environmental Technician 4940205
Petros, David Occupational Safety Specialist  49-66406
Pettigrew, Abby Environmental Technician 49-40110
Rainey, Stephanie  Environmental Technician 49-43152
Ridgway, Robin Director of Environmental Health and Safety Regulatory Compliance 49-66405
Rudolph, Sharon  Environmental Technician 49-47969
Schweitzer, Jim  REM Director & Radiation Safety Officer 49-42350
Shelby, Carol  Senior Director, Environmental Health & Public Safety 49-47504
Smith, Stuart Environmental Technician 49-62418
Snider, Brenda Secretary 49-40121
Swihart, Linda  Laboratory Safety Manager 49-43244
Tang, Matthew Health Physicist 49-42721

Thedans, Kevin  Construction Safety and Health Consultant 49-61937
Theivagt, Amy Hazardous Materials Chemist 49-69359
Tribbett, Zach Health Physicist/Laser Safety Officer 49-41478
Tyson, Ryan Environmental Technician 49-41019
VanHoosier, Terrence Environmental Technician 49-41019
Juan Vazquez Environmental Technician 49-67366
Young, Judah  Occupational Safety Specialist  49-47293

Calumet Campus
Staff Member Title Phone E-mail Address
Feeney, John Occupational Health-Safety Specialist (219) 989-2724

Fort Wayne Campus
Staff Member Title Phone E-mail Address
Grote, Katherine Environmental Health & Safety Specialist (260) 481-5744
Steel, Stephanie Environmental Health & Safety Manager (260) 481-4193

North Central Campus
Staff Member Title Phone E-mail Address
Feeney, John Occupational Health-Safety Specialist (219) 746-0443



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