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Contact Information

Radiological and
Environmental Management
550 Stadium Mall Drive
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2051

Information: (765) 49-46371
Fax: (765) 49-47403
Office Location: HAMP B173
Campus Mail: REM, HAMP

Page Updated:
April 17, 2014

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REM Newsletters & Annual Safety Chair Presentations

Past REM Newsletters
Newsletter Edition
Amy's Lab Safety Newsletter (Winter 2014)
Amy's Lab Safety Newsletter
(Special Biological Safety Issue, February 2014)
Amy's Lab Safety Newsletter (Fall 2013)
Amy's Lab Safety Newsletter (Summer 2013)
Amy's Lab Safety Newsletter (Spring 2013)
Amy's Lab Safety Newsletter (Winter 2013)
Amy's Lab Safety Newsletter (Fall 2012)
Amy's Lab Safety Newsletter (Summer 2012)
Amy's Lab Safety Newsletter (January 2012)
Fall 2009 Newsletter
Winter 2009 Newsletter
Summer 2007 Newsletter
Winter 2007 Newsletter
Spring 2006 Newsletter
Fall 2005 Newsletter
Spring 2005 Newsletter
Fall 2004 Newsletter
Summer 2004 Newsletter
Winter 2004 Newsletter
Fall 2003 Newsletter
Spring 2003 Newsletter
October 2002 Newsletter
April 2002 Newsletter
August 2001 Newsletter
April 2001 Newsletter
December 2000 Newsletter
April 2000 Newsletter
January 2000 Newsletter
March1999 Newsletter
May 1998 Newsletter
November 1997 Newsletter
August 1997 Newsletter
April 1997 Newsletter
July 1996 Newsletter
Safety Chair Meeting Presentations
contact REM at (765) 494-6371 for the following
Presentation Year
2014 Safety Chair Presentation
2013 Safety Chair Presentation
2012 Safety Chair Presentation
2011 Safety Chair Presentation
2010 Safety Chair Presentation
2009 Safety Chair Presentation
2008 Safety Chair Presentation
2007 Safety Chair Presentation
2006 Safety Chair Presentation
2005 Safety Chair Presentation
2004 Safety Chair Presentation

REM Newsletters
(with Article Titles)

  • Fall 2009 Newsletter
    • Purdue University Preventative Injury Program
    • Computer and Electronic Equipment Recycling
    • EPA Hazardous Waste Inspection
    • Eyewashes and Safety Showers
    • Cellular Phones and Radiofrequency Concerns
    • Arc Flash Hazard Identification
    • Updated Electrical Standard
    • New face in REM: Amy Theivagt
    • Safety Tip: Mower Mirages
  • Winter 2009 Newsletter
    • Dry Ice Training
    • MSDS: read it before you need It
    • Prepare yourself for an icy, snowy walk without slipping or falling
    • Biological exposure occupational health program
    • Update: ordering radioactive material
    • Waste minimization
    • Radiation safety survey documentation
    • Updated laser safety standards
    • Online laser and radiation safety training
    • Preparing for the unexpected
    • Two new employees join REM’s hazardous material management team
    • Welcome Mike Nicholson
  • Summer 2007 Newsletter
    • Campus Emergency Preparedness and Planning
    • Sharing Biohazardous Agents
    • News from the Industrial Hygiene Group
    • Watch Your Step! Honey Locust Trees Pose Foot Hazard
    • Flush!
    • Taking Ergonomics Home, Part 2
  • Winter 2007 Newsletter
    • New Biological Waste Pickup Procedures
    • Computer Monitor Storage and Recycling
    • Controlled Substances: Class II vs. Class III
    • Taking Ergonomics Home, Part 1
    • Meet Our Newest Staff
  • Spring 2006 Newsletter:
    • Controlled Substance Update
    • Waste Minimization
    • Hazardous Waste Disposal
    • Emergency Preparedness Tip: Using 911
    • Battery Recycling
  • Fall 2005 Newsletter:
    • Rupture of a High Pressure Autoclave Vessel
    • The ABCs of Disposable Gloves
    • Shipping Non-Hazardous and Non-Infectious Research Samples
    • REM To Manage Controlled Substance Handling
    • Indoor Air Quality at Purdue University: A model of efficiency and effectiveness
  • Spring 2005 Newsletter
    • The Hazard Clearance Certificate
    • You, Electricity, and Ground-Fault Circuit-Interrupters
    • Mercury Policy Update
    • Working Alone and After Hours
    • Indoor Air Quality for the Masses
    • Congratulations to Physical Facilities Buildings and Grounds                                     
  • Fall 2004 Newsletter:
    • Let's Clear the Air On Indoor Air Quality
    • Household Hazardous Waste - You Probably Have It; How to Dispose of It
    • Preventing Cross Contamination Through the Use of Good Laboratory Hygiene
    • Waste Minimization
    • Welcome New Staff
  • Summer 2004 Newsletter:
    • 2004 household Hazardous Waste Collection Day Cancelled
    • Why is it Important REM Approve Radioactive Materials?
    • Emergency and Spill Response Procedures
    • Annual REM Eyewash/Safety Shower inspections are Underway
    • Chemical Shipment Returns to the Vendor
  • Winter 2004 Newsletter:
    • Don't Vent Flammable Storage Cabinets
    • Seen a Good Movie Lately?
    • Visit the REM Online Researchers' Guide
    • Science Publications are Within Reach
    • Practice Waste Minimization in the Lab
    • What is a DTI? Who is my DTI? How Do I Find Out More?
    • Meet Our New Health Physicists
  • Fall 2003 Newsletter:
    • Open Flame Use in Biosafety Cabinets
    • Integrated Safety Plan; Promoting a Culture of Safety
    • Safety Training Requirements
    • Potable Water Sources
    • The Keys to Lifting Safely
    • Laboratory Renovation Tips
    • Meet Our New Staff Member
    • Fire Equipment Services Joins REM
  • Spring 2003 Newsletter:
    • Respiratory Protection
    • Online Ergonomic Questionnaire
    • Fire Alarms, Top Ten Culprits for Lost-Time Injuries
    • Chemical Management Committee Passes Mercury Policy
    • New Staff
    • Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day
    • Kudos
  • October 2002 Newsletter:
    • New Vendor Selected for Radiation Badges
    • Waste Containers now Available at University Stores
    • REM Offers Pesticide Handler Training
    • Potential Employee Exposure Reduced;  5000 Mercury Thermometers are Eliminated
    • Did You Receive CDC/USDA Mailing?
    • OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Training Offered Monthly
    • Open Toe Shoes Worn in Labs Violates Policies
    • Does Your Building or Department Have Emergency procedures in Place?
    • Kudos 
  • April 2002 Newsletter:
    • Bio security ... Monitor Your Facilities
    • OSHA Changes Workplace Injury and Illness Reporting Requirements
    • Mercury Thermometer Replacement Program
    • USA Patriot Act Has Gone Into Effect
    • Brown University Agrees to Hazardous Waste Storage Settlement
    • Hazardous Materials Shipment at Purdue 
  • August 2001 Newsletter:
    • EPA Inspection Results
    • Seat Belt Policy
    • Smoke Detector Disposal
    • Candle Burning
    • Hydrofluoric Acid Fatality
  • April 2001 Newsletter:
    • Are YOU Indemnified Yet?
    • An Update for Aqueous Waste and Used Oil Generators
    • Should You Be Using the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Program
    • Open Chemical Containers
    • REM Welcomes Robin Mills Ridgway
    • Planning to Move Your Laboratory Equipment?
    • What's Happening to those Old computer Monitors
    • Are Your Shoes Keeping You Safe?
  • December 2000 Newsletter:
    • REM Rolls Out New Web Site
    • Laser Pointers, Helpful or Hazardous?
    • An Alternative to Latex Gloves?
    • REM Identifies Waste Labeling Problems
    • REM Video Assists Hazardous Waste Generators
    • EPA Inspects Purdue's Hazardous Materials Operation
    • So, You're the New Department Safety Chair?
    • REM Maintains Library of Safety Videos
  • April 2000 Newsletter:
    • Ultraviolet Radiation Safety, Laboratory Renovation Tips
    • Infectious and 'Look-A-Like" Bio Waste
    • EPA Targets New England Colleges and Universities
    • Biological Safety Cabinet Versus Laminar Flow Clean Bench
    • Autoclave Safety
    • Requirements for Facilities Transferring or Receiving Select Agents
  • January 2000 Newsletter:
    • University Receives "No-Violation" Report During EPA Chemical Waste Management Compliance Inspection
    • Planning to Move Your Laboratory Equipment?
    • HazCom at Purdue
    • Fume Hoods: Please Read The Labels
    • Hydrogen Fluoride Shelf Life Issue
    • ISP Pilot Groups Begin Indemnification Process
    • Purdue's Respiratory Protection Program
    • Indoor Environmental Quality and IAQ Ghostbusters
    • Tingle and Tell Electrical Safety Tips
  • March1999 Newsletter:
    • Violation Uncovered During EPA and IDEM Chemical Waste Management Compliance Inspections
    • Abandoned Lab Chemicals
    • What Is Lockout/Tagout?
    • Hydrofluoric Acid Caused Fatal Accident In Australia
    • As the Millennium Turns...Y2K and Lab Equipment
    • Hazardous Waste Accumulation in the Laboratory
    • Safety Alert
    • Sharps Used at the University
  • May 1998 Newsletter:
    • Radioisotope User Surveys
    • Ergonomics Purchases
    • EPA Fines Universities
    • What's Going Down the Drain?
    • ISP - One Year Later
  • November 1997 Newsletter:
    • Boston University, Degradation of Chemical Compounds Containing Radioactivity
    • Secondhand Smoke
    • Safety Committee
  • August 1997 Newsletter:
    • Abandoned Lab Chemicals
    • Chemical Hygiene Plan Manuals
    • Wearing Lab Gloves Outside the Lab
    • Eyewash/Safety Shower Crew Begins Annual Inspections
    • On-Line Lab Safety Training Sign-up
    • Mercury Poisoning Death at Dartmouth
  • April 1997 Newsletter:
    • Radioisotope Security
    • How to Prevent and cure Unknowns
    • UT Austin Fire
    • Closing Waste Containers, and More!
  • July 1996 Newsletter:
    • Ergonomic Service Information
    • Notice of Violation
    • Chemical Lab Accidents
    • Water Quality, and More


New or Revised Policies, Regulations, and Guidelines


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