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Message from Robert Kubat-University Registrar

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July 19, 2012

To:  Smith, Mjt; Pope, Phillip E.; Story, Jon A; 'tatkinson@purdue.edu'; Mason, Linda J; Brown, Danita M; Monroe, Sandra K.; Akridge, Jay T.; Plaut, Karen I; Hibberd, Charles A; Lowenberg-Deboer, James M; Fernandez, Marcos; Santos de Barona, Maryann; Moon, Sidney M.; Lehman, James D.; Jamieson, Leah H.; Fentiman, Audeen W; Crawford, Melba M; Kokini, Klod; Harris, Michael T; Bralts, Vincent F; Ladisch, Christine M.; Cai, Liping A; Berndt, Thomas J; Zelaznik, Howard N; Weiser, Irwin H; No, Song I; Dutta, Mohan J; Marshall, Joan L; Miller, Joann L; Dixon, Barbara Hart; Mullins, James L.; Bracke, Paul J; McNeil, Mary E; Hewison, Nancy S.; Brandt, D. Scott; Earley, P. Christopher; Sullivan, A Charlene; Iyer, Ananth V; Hundley, Gregory S; Jordan, G Logan; Svensson, Craig K; Barker, Eric L; Mason, Holly L; Abel, Steven R; Geahlen, Robert L; Roberts, Jeffrey T; McCabe, George P; Minchella, Dennis J; Francisco, Joseph S; 'bertoline@purdue.edu'; Mohler, James L; Schmidt, Edie K; Cox, Robert F; Dunlap, Duane D; Reed, Willie M; Salisbury, Kathy; 'amass@purdue.edu'; 'hogenesch@purdue.edu'

Subject: myPurduePlan enters second phase of validation

Good morning,

On July 6, your myPurduePlan college/school experts had their first hands on experience in myPurduePlan. I am pleased to report that all were satisfied myPurduePlan matches the plans of study as submitted. The college/school experts are prepared to bring in the rest of the Purdue advising community to begin their orientation sessions.

We are entering the second phase of myPurduePlan validation. Over the next four weeks, approximately 250 advisors are scheduled to learn myPurduePlan navigation and how to interpret a degree audit worksheet in myPurduePlan. These advisors are a valuable resource in providing additional validation to all the variations of each students’ requirements and how they apply to their respective plans of study. In this phase of validation, advisors have the opportunity to ensure their needs as an end user are met in myPurduePlan.

This fall, the Office of the Registrar will be hosting open labs in ENAD 135 for myPurduePlan users from Sept. 4 – Dec. 7 (8 am-5 pm). Advisors unable to participate in the July-August sessions are encouraged to drop in during one of the open lab times for myPurduePlan.

As we move forward in the myPurduePlan implementation, your department heads and myPurduePlan college/school experts will continually be informed by Lesa Beals. The Office of the Registrar will keep the Purdue advising community updated on myPurduePlan with periodic electronic communications.

Specific questions about our implementation or timeline may be directed to Lesa Beals at 4-6164 or lbeals@purdue.edu. Questions about the myPurduePlan tool may be sent to myPurduePlan@purdue.edu.


Robert A.  Kubat
University Registrar

Cc:  Adeniyi, Adedayo O.
        Patterson, Jasmine T.
        myPurduePlan experts

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