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Message from Pamela T. Horne-Associate Vice Provost for Enrollment Management

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

To:  Smith, Mjt; Pope, Phillip E.; Story, Jon A; 'tatkinson@purdue.edu'; Mason, Linda J; Brown, Danita M; Monroe, Sandra K.; Akridge, Jay T.; Plaut, Karen I; Hibberd, Charles A; Lowenberg-Deboer, James M; Fernandez, Marcos; Santos de Barona, Maryann; Moon, Sidney M.; Lehman, James D.; Jamieson, Leah H.; Fentiman, Audeen W; Crawford, Melba M; Kokini, Klod; Harris, Michael T; Bralts, Vincent F; Ladisch, Christine M.; Cai, Liping A; Berndt, Thomas J; Zelaznik, Howard N; Weiser, Irwin H; No, Song I; Dutta, Mohan J; Marshall, Joan L; Miller, Joann L; Dixon, Barbara Hart; Mullins, James L.; Bracke, Paul J; McNeil, Mary E; Hewison, Nancy S.; Brandt, D. Scott; Earley, P. Christopher; Sullivan, A Charlene; Iyer, Ananth V; Hundley, Gregory S; Jordan, G Logan; Svensson, Craig K; Barker, Eric L; Mason, Holly L; Abel, Steven R; Geahlen, Robert L; Roberts, Jeffrey T; McCabe, George P; Minchella, Dennis J; Francisco, Joseph S; 'bertoline@purdue.edu'; Mohler, James L; Schmidt, Edie K; Cox, Robert F; Dunlap, Duane D; Reed, Willie M; Salisbury, Kathy; 'amass@purdue.edu'; 'hogenesch@purdue.edu'

Subject: Update: myPurduePlan powered by Degree Works

Good afternoon, I would like to provide you an update on our upcoming online degree audit tool, myPurduePlan powered by Degree Works.

On July 5, the Office of the Registrar will be hosting representatives from your colleges/schools to provide an initial review of your plans of study. These representatives were appointed by your Head Advisors to be trained as "in house" experts for myPurduePlan. A list of these representatives are attached to this email for your viewing. After the initial review, we anticipate a varied range of responses and feedback based on the comprehensiveness of the plan of study documents received to this point. The necessary adjustments identified by the representatives will be evaluated before broader sessions begin with advisors on July 16.

The general advising community has been extended an offer to participate in myPurduePlan sessions between July 16 and August 10. These sessions will provide training on myPurduePlan’s navigation and interpretation of the degree audit worksheet.

We encourage you to share this message with the undergraduate advising community in your colleges/schools. Bob Kubat and I will continue to update you at our Dean’s and Associate Dean’s meetings, as well as periodic emails.

For additional information on myPurduePlan, please contact Bob Kubat at rkubat@purdue.edu or 4-6133.


Pamela T. Horne
Associate Vice Provost for Enrollment Management
            Dean of Admissions

Cc:  Kubat, Robert A;
        Beals, Lesa K; 
       Whittaker, A Dale; 
       Schaffer, Sandra E; 
       myPurduePlan experts