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myPurduePlan FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is myPurduePlan powered by DegreeWorks?
myPurduePlan is a web-based tool for students to monitor their academic progress toward degree completion.  myPurduePlan also allows students and advisors to plan future academic coursework.

What is an audit?
A myPurduePlan audit is a review of past, current and "planned" coursework that provides information on completed and outstanding requirements necessary to complete a degree/major/minor/concentration.

Can students view course information in myPurduePlan?
Yes.  By clicking on a course in their audit they can view the course description, pre-requisites required, and available course sections for the upcoming semester.  Course sections do not show location.  The Schedule of Classes search feature on the student’s myPurdue portal will show location.

What is the Planner feature?
The Planner is a tool for students to arrange course requirements into future semester blocks.  Advisors and students will find this helpful to forecast student’s academic career.  It is recommended that students load a plan and then meet with advisor, who will review and make any necessary adjustments and then lock the plan.  This information may be used by university administrators to determine the demand for various courses each term.

Will advisors be able to see students plan?
Yes. Advisors can see a student’s plan and participate in the planning process.  There is a Notes section within the planner, as well, for students and advisors to keep additional information. 

If a student puts a course in their planner, are they automatically registered for that course in that future semester?
No. The planner is for planning purposes only. Students will register through myPurdue portal during assigned registration time ticket.

Is the course students plan for guaranteed in that future semester?
No. The planner is for planning purposes only. Final course schedules are available to students online shortly before registration. If a student discovers that a course option planned is not being offered, we recommend finding a substitute course to take and move the original course, if still needed, to a future term.

What is the "What If" feature?
The "What If" function allows students to hypothetically change major or minor.  The new "What If" audit will show the coursework that is required for this major or minor, what courses have been taken that satisfy requirements, and what courses are still left to take.

What does the Term Calculator show?
The Term Calculator will show students estimated cumulative GPA after filling in hypothetical grade information.  By entering students current earned credits and GPA and placing the in-progress courses in the table (this all will default) along with the grade anticipate for current courses, they will see a revised cumulative GPA based on the estimates provided.

What does the Graduation Calculator show?
Students enter the GPA they would like to have at graduation.  The Graduation Calculator will show what GPA is needed to average over their remaining semesters to obtain the desired GPA at graduation.

What does the Advice Calculator show?
The advice calculator will show students how many credits must be earned at a certain GPA to achieve desired GPA.