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Scheduling FAQs

Q: I need specific software technology in an instructional computing lab or additional instructor resources. What should I do?
Please contact Jim Myers at 49-66815.
Q: Can I use any empty classroom?
  No.  You must reserve classrooms through this site. Persons using classrooms without scheduling will be asked to depart the room.
Q: What if there are not enough chairs or tables in the room?
  Chairs and tables are set up based on the maximum capacity of the room.  If chairs are missing, please contact Space Management & Academic and Classroom Scheduling at 49-43900.
Q: Can I have more chairs or tables added?
  No.  If the room is not large enough to fit your group, a larger room must be requested.
Q: Can the chairs and tables be moved around?
  Certainly!  Feel free to move the furniture based on your needs.  Remember to return all furniture to its original configuration prior to your departure.  Please do not remove furniture from any room.
Q: Can our group bring in food?
  Our policy is that if you bring in food and drinks, please remember to clean up after your event is over.
Q: Is there a charge for the use of the room?
  If the request is academic in nature and occurs during normal business hours, there is no charge.
Q: The room needs a podium or clock. Who should I contact?
  Please contact Space Management & Academic and Classroom Scheduling at 49-43900.
Q: The heating/air conditioning is not working in the room, can this be fixed?
  The staff at Space Management & Academic Scheduling will arrange a service call to the room and make repairs as needed.  Please contact them by calling 49-43900.