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Grading Systems

The following grades and index points are included in the computation of scholastic indexes appearing on this transcript:

1.  For the purpose of averaging, each grade shall be weighted in the following manner (University Senate Document 96-8, April 28, 1997).

Grade Weight
A+, A 4xsem hrs=index pts
A- 3.7xsem hrs=index pts
B+ 3.3xsem hrs=index pts
B 3xsem hrs=index pts
B- 2.7xsem hrs=index pts
C+ 2.3xsem hrs=index pts
C 2xsem hrs=index pts
C- 1.7xsem hrs=index pts
D+ 1.3xsem hrs=index pts
D 1.0xsem hrs=index pts
D- 0.7xsem hrs=index pts
E, F, IF 0.0xsem hrs=index pts
P, N, I, PI, SI, W,
Not included

2.  The semester GPA is the sum of all index points for one semester for grades A+/A, A–, B+, B, B–, C+, C, C–, D+, D, D–, E, IF, and F divided by the sum of all corresponding semester hours. This index is represented by the following formula: 

S = 4NA+4NA+3.7NA–+3.3NB+3NB ... +0NF

In the formula, NA+, NA, NA–, NB+, etc., are, respectively, the number of credit hours of A+, A, A–, B+, etc.

3.  The cumulative and program GPAs are computed similarly using the grades specified in Sections VII-J-2 and VII-J-3. (University Senate Document 7-5, April 21, 2008).

4.  The registrar shall compile and report semester and cumulative GPAs after the close of each academic session.

The following grades are not included in the computation of scholastic indexes:

Regular Grade Option
I Incomplete
O Incomplete (obsolete eff. Summer 1977)
IX Permanent Incomplete
WF Withdrew Failing
Pass/Not-Pass Option
P Passing, equivalent to "C" or higher
N Not Passing
PI Incomplete
PO Incomplete (obsolete eff. Summer 1977)
IN Unremoved Incomplete - Not Passing
WN Withdrew Not Passing
Zero-Credit Courses  (including thesis credits)
S Satisfactory
U Unsatisfactory
SI Incomplete
IU Unremoved Incomplete - Unsatisfactory
WU Withdrew Unsatisfactory
Other Grades
W Withdrew
AU Audit Grade; does not meet degree objectives
CR Transfer Credit
NS Not submitted grade
V Visitor (obsolete eff. Summer 1963)