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Records, Registration and Graduation Contacts

Senior Associate Registrar  Lesa Beals 494-6164
Senior Assistant Registrar for Degree Audit Sandy Schaffer 494-6144
Senior Assistant Registrar for Academic Records, Commencement and Graduation Chris Pass 494-6163
Operations Manager Kim Watley 494-6146
myPurduePlan powered by DegreeWorks; Degree Audit Sandy Schaffer 494-6144
Academic Record Changes Vacant 494-6155
Athletic Certifications Marla Soposky 494-9406
Cancellation & Withdrawals Kim Watley 494-6146
College Codes Chris Pass 494-6163
Commencement Ceremony Chris Pass 494-6163
Commencement Coordinator Ryan Jones 494-6157
Curriculum Changes Customer Service
Demographic Changes Customer Service 494-6165
Enrollment Certifications Customer Service 494-6165
Equivalent Courses Lori Shomaker 494-6151
Holds Customer Service 494-6165
Grade Reporting Lesa Beals 494-6164
General Information Specialist Vacant 494-6153
Index/GPA Adjustments Lori Shomaker 494-6151
IUPUI Records Kaycee Brannan 494-6126
myPurduePlan 494-6165
myPurduePlan/Degree Audit Dorcas Thomas 494-6154
myPurduePlan/Degree Audit Jim Hudson 494-6140
myPurduePlan/Degree Audit Lori O'Brien 494-6124
myPurduePlan/Degree Audit Tricia Harlow 494-8409
Office Switchboard Vacant 494-8581
Policies and Procedures Lesa Beals 494-6164
Program of Study (Majors & Minors) Chris Pass 494-6163
Registrations Customer Service 494-6165
Research in Absentia & Distance Learning Registrations Kim Watley 494-6146
Restricted Directory Information Customer Service 494-6165
Study Abroad Registrations Marla Soposky 494-9406
Technology Statewide Calendars Sandy Schaffer 494-6144
Technology Statewide Registrations Brandy Jacobs 494-6127
Transcripts Vacant 494-6153