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Each candidate is guaranteed a maximum of four (4) free guest tickets for the Spring Commencement.  To order them, candidates need to specify the number of tickets being requested on the myPurdue portal in the Graduation Tab that becomes available on March 6, 2015.

After the Graduation Tab closes and the Office of the Registrar has determined the number of extra tickets available, a notification will be sent to the candidates' Purdue e-mail address.  An e-mail will be sent on or about May 11 that will include a link to print or forward electronic commencement tickets.

Electronic tickets are generated with a unique identifier that is traceable back to the student who requested them. Because of this feature, they can be printed multiple times.  However, only the first set of allocated tickets scanned by the Hall of Music staff will gain entrance. Duplicate tickets with the same bar code will be denied entrance after the first set of tickets has been scanned.  Any attempt to sell or make mass copies of electronic tickets will be considered a misuse of Purdue University property.  This may result in the violation being reported to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities, which may include disciplinary action.

All family members and guests (including small children) attending the commencement ceremony need a ticket to enter the Elliott Hall of Music.  Selling tickets is against the law.  Each student who plans to take part in the ceremony is guaranteed guest tickets at no charge.  It is expected that students will only take the number of tickets needed for family and friends.

Extra Tickets

Extra tickets, a maximum of two (2), are not guaranteed, but are subject to seating availability.  You may submit your name for the extra ticket lottery on the myPurdue portal.  Once the deadline for participation has passed and the number of available seats has been established on May 1, the Office of the Registrar will conduct a random selection to distribute tickets.  Notifications will be sent to the candidate’s Purdue e-mail address once the selections have been made.