Official of the Week

2015 & 2016

Basketball-Week 1, Ryan Clay


Year: Junior

Major: Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering

Experience: 1 semester

Favorite moment: Getting to work with a new crew each night

Basketball-Week 2, Alexa Nelson


Year: Junior

Experience: 2 years

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Favorite moment: A frat black game that went into 3 overtimes, it was super intense.

Basketball-Week 3, Sean Gau

Year: Freshman

Major: Professional Flight and Aviation Management

Experience: 1 semester

Favorite moment: Getting to work with Mike Thanos. He has taught me everything and has made me the official I am today.

Flag Football-Week 1, Kyle Bailey

Year: Senior.

Major: Movement and Sports Science.

Experience: 1st year.

Favorite Moment: Watching the crazy plays when officiating.

Flag Football-Week 2, Marissa “Mo” Shor


Year: Sophomore.

Major: Mechanical Engineering.

Experience: 2nd year.

Favorite Moment: All of them.

Flag Football-Week 3, Noah Smith


Year: Freshman.

Major: Exploratory Studies.

Experience: 1st semester.

Favorite Moment: When I refereed a game where I made no mistakes. With ten seconds left a one possession game I had a pass interference call in the end zone in which I was completely confident and afterwards confirmed with the other officials on the field.

Floor Hockey-Week 1, Zach Bostrom

Year: Junior.

Major: Actuarial Science and Applied Statistics.

Experience: 4 years roller hockey and 2 years floor hockey.

Favorite Moment: Helping new referees through their first shift.

Floor Hockey-Week 2, Jake Fielder

Year: Sophomore.

Major: Social Studies Education.

Experience: 1 year.

Favorite Moment: Refereeing SAE games.

Floor Hockey-Week 3, Michael Abbate

Year: Freshman.

Major: Mechanical Engineering.

Experience: 1 semester.

Favorite Moment: Using the boards to hop the puck.

MAC Soccer-Week 1, Brandon Rose


Year: Junior

Major: Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering

Experience: 1 semester

Favorite moment: Getting to work with a new crew each night

MAC Soccer-Week 2, Alex Fearing


Year: Sophomore

Major: Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering

Experience: 2nd year refereeing soccer in IMs

Favorite moment: Center refereeing the championship game in the outdoor season (Fall)

MAC Soccer-Week 3, Alex Mahan

alex M

Year: Freshman

Major: Engineering

Experience: 1 year with rec sports, 3 years refereeing.

Favorite moment: Players mistakenly defending and stealing the ball from their own teammate.

Soccer-Week 1, Diego Ibarra


Year: Senior.

Major: Supply Chain Management.

Experience: None.

Favorite Moment: Talking/getting to know supervisors and other refs.

Soccer-Week 2, Christine Konopa


Year: Sophomore.

Major: Electrical Engineering.

Experience: 5 years refereeing, U10 through adult leagues, both recreational and travel.

Favorite Moment: When a player faked an injury so he could flirt with the supervisor.

Soccer-Week 3, Ted Sinal


Year: Freshmen.

Major: Engineering.

Experience: First year of intramurals and fourth year of officiating other soccer leagues.

Favorite Moment: Watching players whiff and fall when attempting to kick the ball. Always get a good laugh out of it.

Water Polo-Week 1, Zach Korten

Year: Freshman.

Major: Pre-Applied Human Health and Fitness.

Experience: 1st semester.

Favorite Moment: A 3v3 open women’s league game where I thought the team of 3 girls was going to beat the five player team.

Water Polo-Week 2, Laura Olney

Year: Freshman.

Major: Undecided.

Experience: 1st semester.

Favorite Moment: Working with other refs.

Water Polo-Week 3, McKenzie White

Year: Freshman.

Major: Engineering.

Experience: 1st semester.

Favorite Moment: Watching people dunk each other and flail about in their tubes.

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