Intramural Participant Handbook

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The Intramural Sports Program is designed to provide an experiential learning opportunity for the entire Purdue University community through participation in organized activities.  We strive to encourage lifelong recreation skills, to integrate participants socially in an athletic setting, and to foster a spirit of sportsmanship and fair play among participants and spectators.  To accomplish this goal, the Intramural Sports Program offers a wide variety of team and individual activities.  Teams and individuals participating in the Purdue University Intramural Sports Program should do so with the attitude that good sportsmanship is an integral part of the activity.  The policies and procedures set forth in this publication will be used as guidelines to apply toward the Intramural Sports Program.  The Intramural Sports Office reserves the right to amend, alter, or dissolve any of these guidelines or policies for the enhancement of the program.  All participants are expected to comply with the spirit as well as the letter of these policies. 

Office Hours & Contact Information 
George D. Haniford Administrative Suite
France A. Ć́́órdova Recreational Sports Center
355 North Martin Jischke Drive
West Lafayette, Indiana 47907
Hours:  Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Phone:  765.494.3117
Weather Hotline:  765.494.3131 

2016-2017 Outstanding Staff & Officials

  • Flag Football Official of the Year – Austin Henke
  • Volleyball Official of the Year – Jessica Fortner
  • Outdoor Soccer Official of the Year – Alex Fearing
  • Indoor Soccer Official of the Year – Jack Weaver
  • Basketball Official of the Year – Clay Blackwell
  • Floor Hockey Official of the Year – John VanVliet
  • Handball Official of the Year – Hunter Jones
  • Dodgeball Official of the Year – Laney Blackwell
  • Softball Official of the Year – Abbey Prilliman
  • Inner Tube Water Polo Official of the Year – McKenzie White
  • Rookie Official of the Year – Keith Woolems
  • Official of the Year – Alexa Nelson
  • Intramural Supervisor of the Year – Louis Kissinger

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Section 1:  Eligibility

Each person, team captain, and/or chairperson is responsible for verifying the eligibility of all participants. Questionable cases of eligibility should be referred to the Intramural Sports Office before that person participates.

Article 1: Membership

  • Full-Time Student: Purdue students that pay the Fitness & Wellness Fee through their tuition are granted full access to the facility and are eligible to participate in Intramural Sports by presenting either a valid Purdue University ID or valid government picture ID. Typically, students enrolled in eight credits or more for an academic semester or six credits or more in the summer, pay the requisite fee. However, if a student’s enrollment status changes, resulting in a full or partial refund of the Fitness & Wellness Fee through the University’s Bursar office, the student must pay the balance to maintain full membership with Recreation & Wellness.
  • Part-Time Student: Purdue students that do not pay the Fitness & Wellness Fee through their tuition due to part-time student status or other situations may pay the associated fees to obtain full membership privileges and participate in Intramural Sports by presenting either a valid Purdue University ID or valid government picture ID.
  • Faculty and Staff Members: Faculty/Staff Members include any current full time employee, retirees, and emeritus faculty/staff. These individuals may pay the associated fees to obtain full membership privileges and participate in Intramural Sports by presenting a valid government picture ID.
  • Alumni: Alumnus of Purdue University may acquire membership by presenting a copy of their final transcript/diploma or credentials that prove membership in the Purdue Alumni Association and pay the associated fees. Alumni with a paid Recreation & Wellness membership fee are eligible to participate in Intramural Sports by presenting a valid government picture ID.
  • Spouses or family members of Students/Faculty/or Staff: Spouses of eligible undergraduate and graduate students, and faculty or staff members, who have paid the Recreation & Wellness membership fee are eligible to participate in Intramural Sports by presenting a valid government picture ID.
  • Intramural Outdoor Membership Fee: Any individual that is eligible for a full membership have the option to purchase an Intramural Outdoor Membership for a rate of $30 per semester. This membership only provides eligibility to Intramural Sports located outside the France A. Ć́́órdova Recreational Sports Center, Boilermaker Aquatic Center, and TREC facilities.

Article 2: League Eligibility
Intramural participants that are eligible per the requirements in Section 1.1 are permitted to participate in one single gendered league and one co-rec league per sport in accordance with the individual’s asserted gender identity. League guidelines and descriptions are listed below.

  • Men's Residence Hall: If otherwise eligible, all those who identify as males living in the Residence Halls and Faculty Fellows who are Recreation & Wellness members are eligible for the Men's Residence Hall Leagues.
  • Women’s Residence Hall: If otherwise eligible, all those who identify as females living in the Residence Halls and Faculty Fellows who are Recreation & Wellness members are eligible for the Women's Residence Hall Leagues.
  • Fraternity: If otherwise eligible, all students who are active members or pledges of a Fraternity and are Recreation & Wellness members are eligible for the Fraternity Leagues. All individuals must be registered members with the Dean of Students Office.
  • Sorority: If otherwise eligible, all students who are active members or pledges of a Sorority and are Recreation & Wellness members are eligible for the Sorority Leagues. All individuals must be registered members with the Dean of Students Office.
  • Men’s Cooperative: If otherwise eligible, all students who are members of a Men’s Cooperative and are Recreation & Wellness members are eligible for the Men’s Cooperative Leagues. All individuals must be registered members with the Dean of Students Office.
  • Women’s Cooperative: If otherwise eligible, all students who are members of a Women’s Cooperative and are Recreation & Wellness members are eligible for the Women’s Cooperative Leagues. All individuals must be registered members with the Dean of Students Office.
  • Men’s Open: If otherwise eligible, all Recreation & Wellness members are eligible for the Men’s Open Leagues.
  • Women’s Open: If otherwise eligible, all those who identify as female who are Recreation & Wellness members are eligible for the Women’s Open Leagues.
  • Graduate, Faculty, and Staff (GFS): If otherwise eligible, all graduate students, faculty, and staff members who are Recreation & Wellness members are eligible for the Graduate, Faculty, and Staff Leagues. GFS leagues are classified as single gendered leagues.
  • Co-Recreational (Co-Rec): If otherwise eligible, all Recreation & Wellness members are eligible for the Co-Rec Leagues.
  • Insufficient Registrations: In the event that any league has an insufficient number of teams register, the Intramural Sports Department will combine similar leagues together to maximize participation.

Article 3: League Guidelines
Particular sports will have black leagues and gold leagues to allow participants the opportunity to compete against others with similar skill level.

  • Black League: The black league is the most competitive league for participants looking to participate against the highest level of competition.
  • Gold League: The gold league is intended for teams that are not as experienced or lesser skilled than the black league and are looking for more of a recreational environment.

Article 4: Player Identity

  • ID: All intramural participants must furnish either their valid PUID or valid government picture ID to the Intramural Sports Supervisor in order to participate. No ID, No Play!!
  • Assumed Names: No participant may participate in Intramural Sports under any name other than their own. Utilizing another individual’s identification is strictly prohibited and will be confiscated.

Article 5: League Restrictions

  • Club Sports Team Members: Club athletes, who are recognized by the Recreation & Wellness Club Sports program as active members of a club, will be limited in their participation within the Intramural Sports Program. There shall be no more than two total club athletes on a team for their respective sport (*Exceptions for team sports with minimal players. See sport rules for specifics).
  • Varsity Squad Members: Any participant who is/was a member of a varsity squad at Purdue, or any other college or university, is thereafter ineligible for intramural competition in that sport, or similar sport, for a period of two semesters. Two semesters is defined as two consecutive fall, spring, or summer semesters. Any individual who attends the university on athletic scholarship or is on the roster shall be considered a Varsity Squad Member.
  • Professional Athletes: Any participant who is ineligible for varsity competition because of loss of amateur status is prohibited from competing in the Intramural Sport in which he or she has obtained professional status.
  • Competing on Multiple Teams: Intramural participants that are eligible per the requirements in Section 1.1 are permitted to participate in one single gendered league and one co-rec league per sport. For example, a participant, who identifies as a male living in the residence halls, could play softball in the Men’s Residence Hall league. If he wanted to play on a second team he would only be eligible to play on a Co-Rec team and not on a team in any other single gendered league such as Men’s Open or Fraternity.
  • Roster Limitations: All team sports will have a roster limitation of 20 players. In the playoffs, captains have the option to add players that meet all previously stated eligibility requirements to their roster through the conclusion of the semi-final game as long as they do not exceed the maximum roster limit. Unforeseen circumstances will be handled by the Intramural Sports Department on a case-by-case basis.

Article 6: Ineligible Participant Penalties
Penalties for ineligible participants will be dealt with by the Intramural Sports Office on a case-by-case basis.

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Section 2:  Captain Responsibilities

 Article 1: Captain
Participants form their own teams and register during the scheduled registration dates as indicated in the semester calendar. One team member must be designated as the captain.

Article 2: Responsibilities
The captain is a key link between the participants (team members) and the Intramural Sports Staff. The captain is expected to assume the following responsibilities:

  • Complete the registration process prior to the deadline, including completing a mandatory captain’s quiz and paying the team registration fee.
  • Invite team members to their team. Players are required to be on the roster prior to checking-in on-site and participating in any intramural activity.
  • Inform all team members of the game time and location for every scheduled contest. GAME TIME IS FORFEIT TIME! Inform team members to show up 15 minutes prior to game time to keep contests on schedule.
  • Notify each team member that they must present either a valid PUID or valid government picture ID in order to participate. NO ID, NO PLAY, NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Communicate rules, equipment restrictions, schedules, and the policies and procedures listed in the Intramural Sports Participant Handbook to all team members.
  • Inform, educate, and stress to all players and spectators affiliated with the team the importance of demonstrating good sportsmanship prior to, during, and following all scheduled contests. All participants and spectators should refrain from verbally or physically abusing the Game Officials or Intramural Sports Staff.
  • Work with Intramural Sports Staff to ensure a safe, fun Intramural Sports experience for all participants.

Article 3: Captain’s Quizzes

  • All sports have mandatory captain’s quizzes that are to be completed with 100% accuracy prior to creating a team.
  • The purpose of the captain’s quiz is to educate team representatives on information pertaining to their intramural participation including: policies, procedures, conduct, sportsmanship rating, and sport specific rules.

Article 4: Attire

  • Athletic clothing is required for all Intramural Sports.
    • Athletic clothing is defined as clothing that is worn for sport or physical exercise for practical, comfort, or safety reasons. Clothing that may not be worn are jeans, khakis, button down shirts, or any clothing deemed dangerous to the equipment or participants.
  • Shirts are required and must cover the torso-stomach, rib cage, and chest.
  • Players must wear athletic shoes. Shoes must be made up of soft, pliable material (molded plastics, canvas, leather, or synthetic) which covers the foot attached to a composition bottom.
  • No clothing with profane language, inappropriate subjects, logos, designs/artwork, or references to drugs or alcohol will be permitted while playing.
  • No jewelry, unless religious or medical related, will be permitted.
  • No cast or brace with an outermost layer composed of exposed metal, hard and/or sharp plastic or other material will be permitted. These braces and casts must be covered by a standard sleeve or other soft, pliable material in order to be permitted.
  • The teams of the sports listed below will be required to wear matching colored (including shade) uniforms or shirts. Captains will be required to select a team color in IM Leagues during the registration process. Uniforms that require numbers may not have taped numbers. Teams that arrive on-site without matching uniforms will need to rent uniforms from the CoRec Equipment Center or TREC Member Services for $1/uniform.
    • Flag Football
    • Outdoor Soccer
    • Team Handball
    • Indoor Soccer
    • 3v3 Basketball
    • Floor Hockey* (Numbers required)
    • All-Campus Basketball Invitational* (Numbers required)
    • Basketball* (Numbers required)
    • Arena Flag Football
    • Ultimate Frisbee
    • Dodgeball
    • Turf Indoor Soccer
  • Sport specific clothing is listed within the rules for that sport and must be followed.
  • The Intramural Sports Staff has final say in determining appropriate attire.

Article 5: Scorecard
The official roster and score will be recorded on the Intramural Supervisor’s iPad via IM Leagues. The team captain or designated team representative is responsible for checking the iPad with the Intramural Supervisor to ensure accuracy of the following:

  • All team members who participated in the game are checked-in;
  • The correct contest score is recorded; and
  • A sportsmanship rating is listed for both participating teams.

Article 6: Evaluation of Officials
Feedback is encouraged by our participants on the performance and professionalism of our Game Officials. Captain’s that would like to provide feedback on the Game Officials can utilize the online Referee Feedback Form via IM Leagues or on the Intramural Sports website on the rules page. All Referee Feedback Forms will be reviewed by the Intramural Sports Staff and addressed accordingly.

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Section 3: Registration

Article 1: How to Register

  • The designated captain can begin building his/her team in IM Leagues on the waitlist one week prior to the published registration period.
  • The captain will select the sport he/she wants to register a team for and then select the appropriate league per the guidelines in Section 1.2.
  • Select “create team” and complete the mandatory captain’s quiz with 100% accuracy.
  • Read through the waiver and captain instructions.
  • Select an appropriate team name per the guidelines in Section 3.4, logo, and list the captain’s phone number.
  • Invite team members to your team and meet the minimum number of players required in order to register in a division.
  • When the registration period begins, your team must have the minimum number of players before you may move your team into a division that best fits your availability.
  • Go to the team page, read the payment instructions, print-out the team page (only applicable to captains wishing to submit payment in-person at Member Services) or complete the online credit card payment process.
    • Bring the print-out to Member Services along with payment to finalize the registration process.
      • Residence Hall teams that have been given permission to charge their registration fee to their residence hall, must have their printout stamped by the Residence Life Manager (RLM) and submit the printout to the Member Services Staff.

Article 2: Instant Scheduling
Instant Scheduling allows the captain/team representative to pick the day and time that best fits their team’s availability for the designated league sport. Divisions are scheduled in an instant scheduling format so that all three regular season games are played on the same day and time as selected. For example, the captain/team representative could pick Sunday 8:00pm for their Co-Rec Sand Volleyball team. This team would play all three regular season games Sunday at 8:00pm unless any games get rescheduled.

Article 3: Registration Restrictions for Greek Organizations & Cooperatives
Greek Organizations and/or Cooperative Houses are restricted from registering more than two teams in each league unless otherwise noted in the sport rules. For example, a fraternity may register two teams (A & B team) in the Fraternity Black League and two teams (C & D team) in the Fraternity Gold League. Any additional teams must be registered in the Open League.

Article 4: Activity Formats

  • Leagues: The league format allows teams to participate in a 3-week regular season and all qualifying teams will be included in the single-elimination playoff tournament (see Section 8. Sportsmanship & Player Conduct for more information).
  • Tournaments: The tournament format is a single-elimination tournament for the event. Seeding is completed by random draw for all individual/dual tournaments. Winners of each single-elimination tournament will advance to the Championship round competing against winners in their like league to determine the overall sport champion.
  • Events: The event format is a one-day event.
  • Scramble: The scramble format categorizes all single-day golf events.

Article 5: Team Names
The Intramural Sports Department reserves the right to change any team name that is deemed inappropriate or offensive to participants (including, but not limited to, names involving profanity or of sexually implicit content). Please use proper judgment when selecting team names and uniform artwork. Our goal is a pleasant and fun atmosphere for everyone competing. If you are unsure if a team name or t-shirt artwork will be acceptable, please contact the Intramural Sports Office for approval.

Article 6: Free Agents
Individuals who are looking for a team to join should log-in to IM Leagues and under the “Register” tab in the upper right hand corner, select “Join as Free Agent.” Free agents will be able to select the sport, league/s, and division/s they are interested in joining. Type a message that you want captains that are looking for players to see. Free agents may also select the “Join Team” tab under “Register” and request to join teams that are looking for players.

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Section 4: Rescheduling

Article 1: Rescheduling Procedure
For league sports, captains have the option to reschedule a contest if they cannot play during their regularly scheduled time. In order to reschedule a contest and avoid a forfeit fee, the following procedures must be followed:

  • A contest can only be rescheduled by the agreement between captains from both teams.
  • Captains of both teams must complete the online rescheduling process through IM Leagues by selecting “Reschedule” for the desired match-up.
  • The captain requesting to reschedule should send a rescheduling proposal to their opponent and communicate with their opponent that they want to reschedule their game. Captain’s contact information (including email and phone number) can be found on the player page under “Basic” on the left hand side under the captain’s name.
  • Both captains must approve the proposed reschedule time by 3:00pm on games that are played or rescheduled to Monday – Thursday and by 10:00am on Sunday for games that are played or rescheduled to Sunday.
  • Games are not officially rescheduled until approved by the Intramural Sports Office.
  • It is the responsibility of both teams to check and see if a rescheduled game has been approved in IM Leagues.

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Section 5: Request to Cancel

Article 1: Cancellation Procedure
For league sports and tournament sports, captains have the option to cancel their contest if they cannot attend or reschedule. In order to cancel a contest and avoid a $25 forfeit fee, the following procedures must be followed:

  • The captain requesting to cancel must complete the cancellation process through IM Leagues by selecting “Cancel” for the desired match-up. Select cancel game, type the reason for cancelling, and submit.
  • Cancellation requests must be submitted by 3:00pm for games played on Monday – Thursday and by 10:00am for games played on Sunday.
  • Cancellations are not official until approved by the Intramural Sports Office.
  • It is the responsibility of the captain to check and see if a cancellation has been approved in IM Leagues.

Article 2: Cancellations & Sportsmanship
Any team receiving a win by cancellation will be awarded a 4 sportsmanship rating. Any team cancelling will also be awarded a 4 sportsmanship rating.

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Section 6: Forfeits

Article 1: Game Time
GAME TIME IS FORFEIT TIME! Any team failing to report, checked in and “ready-to-play”, at the scheduled starting time shall forfeit to their opponent. All teams should arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of the scheduled game to check-in and get any necessary sport equipment. The Intramural Sports Staff maintains the official time at each activity area and determines forfeit time.

The “ready-to-play” rule for intramural activities requires each team to have the respective minimum number of players present and properly equipped with all required equipment. The minimum number of players required is listed in the sport specific rules.

Article 2: Claiming a Forfeit
A team claiming a forfeit must be present at the scheduled game time, checked in, and ready-to-play. Forfeits must be claimed at the time of the scheduled contest.

  • League Play: If neither of the teams arrive by the scheduled game time, the game will be recorded as a double forfeit and each team will be given a loss and a forfeit on their record.
  • Playoffs or Single Elimination Play: If neither of the teams arrive by the scheduled game time, the game will be recorded as a double forfeit and neither team will advance to the next round.

Article 3: Forfeits & Sportsmanship
Any team receiving a win by forfeit will be awarded a 4 sportsmanship rating. Any team forfeiting will be awarded a 3 sportsmanship rating.

Article 4: Forfeit Limitations
Any team receiving two forfeits throughout a sport season will be removed from that league.

Article 5: Forfeit Fee & Payment
Any team receiving a forfeit will be charged a $25 fee for the first occurrence. The captain will receive a notice that they will be billed $25 through the University Bursar’s Office and given an opportunity to dispute the charge within one week of the notification. Undisputed and upheld charges will be billed to the individual through their University account. Payment must be submitted to University Collections upon receipt of their bill. The Intramural Sports Office / Recreation & Wellness do not accept payment for any forfeit fees.

Article 6: Defaults
Defaulted games (result in a loss) are assigned to teams that fail to adhere to the policies and procedures of the Intramural Sports Participant Handbook. The use of an ineligible participant is an example of a game that would be scored as a default.

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Section 7: Inclement Weather

Article 1: Weather Cancellations
Due to weather, field conditions, cancellations, forfeits, or unforeseen circumstances; the Intramural Sports Department cannot guarantee that all scheduled games will be played. No refunds will be issued after the season begins. Regular season games that are cancelled due to inclement weather will not be rescheduled. In the event of inclement weather, the Intramural Sports Weather Hotline will be updated with a message regarding contest status. No decision will be made until approximately 4:00pm that day. Additionally, the Intramural Sports Supervisor may cancel games on-site, if necessary, after 4:00pm. All participants can follow the Intramural Sports Program on Twitter @puimsports for updated information. The Intramural Sports Department will reschedule cancelled games during the playoffs. Teams should check the online schedule for rescheduled game information. The Intramural Sports Office WILL NOT contact captains to inform them that contests are cancelled due to weather.

WEATHER HOTLINE: 765.494.3131

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Section 8: Participant Safety

Article 1: Assumption of Risk
Many intramural sports activities present the inherent possibility of injury. Participation in the program is voluntary; individuals assume responsibility for their own health and safety. All individuals who intend to participate in vigorous sports should, for their own protection, have a physical examination to determine that they are physically able to participate. Medical insurance, which would cover expenses incurred in the event of injury, is strongly recommended.

Article 2: Blood Policy
If and when an Intramural Sports Supervisor or Game Official observes that a player is bleeding, has an open wound, or has blood on his/her uniform, he/she will be directed to leave the game. The injured player is not to return until the bleeding has stopped, the open wound is covered, and if the uniform is bloody it must be changed. Play will not resume on the playing surface until the blood has been removed.

Article 3: University Closure
If at any time the University is closed due to weather or other related emergencies, all Intramural Sports contests will be cancelled accordingly.

Article 4: Pets
All pets are to be kept on a leash and under the owner’s supervision at all times. Pets are to not interfere with the game or become a disturbance. Animals that are considered a disturbance will be asked to leave by the Intramural Sports Staff. A disturbance can include but is not limited to; excessive barking, growling, whining, and/or chasing participants.

Article 5: Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco, and E-Cigarettes
Drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and/or e-cigarettes are strictly prohibited during games for use by participant or spectator. Any Intramural Sports Staff who has reason to believe a participant or spectator of having, using, and/or being under the influence will not be allowed to participate and may be asked to leave the premises.

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Section 9: Sportsmanship & Player Conduct

Article 1: Sportsmanship Ratings
Our purpose is to provide exercise, recreation, and fun to our participants in a relaxed, yet structured environment. Everyone is encouraged to play to the best of their abilities, but cheating, verbal and physical abuse, and a win-at-all-cost attitude is considered inappropriate. Having these principles of good sportsmanship is necessary to facilitate the spirit of competition. Therefore, this team sportsmanship rating system is in place to encourage ethical conduct at all Intramural Sports contests. The following rating system will be used as a guideline:

4 - Excellent Conduct and Sportsmanship – Team members cooperate fully with the officials and opposing team members. The captain calmly converses with officials about rule interpretation/s and call/s. The captain also has full control of his/her teammates.

3 - Good Conduct and Sportsmanship – Team members verbally complain about some decisions made by the officials and/or show minor dissent but overall, the captain has control over his/her teammates. Teams that receive one unsporting penalty shall receive no higher than a 3 sportsmanship rating.

2 - Average Conduct and Sportsmanship – Team displays verbal dissent towards officials and/or the opposing team. Captain exhibits minor control over his/her teammates. Teams receiving two unsporting penalties shall receive no higher than a 2 sportsmanship rating.

1 - Poor Conduct and Sportsmanship – Teams constantly comment to the officials and/or opposing team from the playing area and/or sidelines. The team captain exhibits little or no control over teammates or himself/herself. Teams receiving three unsporting penalties shall receive no higher than a 1 sportsmanship rating.

0 - Unacceptable Conduct and Sportsmanship – Team is completely uncooperative. Captain has no control over teammates and/or himself/herself. Any team causing a game to be forfeited by unsportsmanlike behavior, or receives four unsporting penalties shall receive a 0 sportsmanship rating. The captain of any team receiving a rating of 0 must make an appointment with the Intramural Sports Staff before further play will be permitted.

Article 2: Playoff Eligibility
A team must have a 2.75 or better sportsmanship rating during the regular season to be eligible for the playoffs. The following are general examples:

Not Eligible for Playoffs Eligible for Playoffs
Contests Rating Contests Rating
First 3 First 4
Second 4 Second 3
Third 1 Third 2
8 points/3 games 2.66 9 points/3 games 3.0

*Any team that receives a “0" rating during the regular season will not be eligible for playoffs*

Article 3: Playoff Sportsmanship Ratings
If a team receives a “0” Sportsmanship rating they will be eliminated from the playoffs.

Article 4: Unsportsmanlike Conduct
Players shall not commit acts of unsportsmanlike conduct. This includes, but is not limited to, arguments with officials and staff by any player, coach, manager, or spectator (flagrant fouling, fighting, etc. before, during or after a contest). No player, coach, or team shall:

  • Use foul or derogatory language, threaten, or verbally abuse any other participant or Intramural employee before, during or after the game. This includes trash talk.
  • Participate in a game for which he/she is ineligible.
  • Argue or talk back to the Game Official. Only the captain may address the Game Official and only must do so in a courteous manner.
  • Intentionally strike, push, trip or flagrantly foul another player.
  • Mistreat the facility, equipment or supplies of Purdue University.

Article 5: Ejection Procedure
Any player, coach, or fan ejected from an Intramural Sports contest for any reason must leave the playing area immediately after information is obtained by an Intramural Sports Supervisor. Failure to leave the area may result in forfeiture of the contest by the team associated with the ejected person.

Any participant, coach, or fan that is ejected from a Purdue University Intramural Sports contest is immediately ineligible from further competition in Intramural Sports until he/she meets with the Intramural Sports Staff. It is the individual’s responsibility to schedule an appointment promptly with the Intramural Sports Staff to review his/her behavior and individual suspensions are only effective after a meeting (i.e. no self-imposed penalties). Contact the Intramural Sports Office at 765.494.3117 between 8:00am and 5:00pm Monday – Friday to schedule an appointment.

Cases involving physical abuse of or between participants, spectators, and/or Recreation & Wellness staff will be referred to the Office of the Dean of Students for potential action.

Article 6: Appeals
Following the imposition of the penalty or ruling, an organization or individual who believes that due to unusual circumstance the assessed penalty or interpretation was unjustified may appeal to the Senior Associate Director of Programs. The Senior Associate Director, or a designated representative, will decide the appeal. The appeal must be in writing and must be submitted to the Senior Associate Director or a professional administrative staff member of the Department before 5:00pm of the next regular business day following the institution of the penalty. During the period of the appeal, the penalty imposed will be in effect.

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Section 10: Protests

Article 1: Rule Interpretation Protest
Questions pertaining to interpretation of rules on the part of Game Officials must be resolved by the Intramural Sports Supervisor in charge at the time the interpretation occurs and prior to the next live ball. If the team continues to play, the protest will NOT receive consideration. No protest will be accepted which involves the judgment of the officials. The procedure shall be:

  • If a team/participant feels the Game Official has made a misinterpretation of a rule, the team captain shall calmly and immediately request a “time-out” and inform the official that he/she wishes to protest.
  • The game official shall explain his/her ruling. If the team captain is dissatisfied with the explanation of the ruling, the Intramural Sports Supervisor should be called to the game site.
  • If corrections are necessary, the Intramural Sports Supervisor in charge shall rule immediately. Error in interpretation by the Intramural Sports Supervisor in charge is subject to a formal protest.
  • If the team captain still does not agree with the decision of the Intramural Sports Supervisor, a Protest Form should be completed immediately according to Section 10, Article 3 (Filing a Formal Protest). The Intramural Sports Supervisor will then assist the team in filling out the form with all pertinent game information (score, time, possession, etc.).
  • The game will continue from this point forward “under protest” and the opposing team shall be notified.

Article 2: Eligibility Protest
Any protest concerning player eligibility in a contest in which the protesting team participated must be filed according to Section 10, Article 3 (Filing a Formal Protest). A Protest Form should be filed at the game site or the Intramural Sports Office. When protesting eligibility, a team must protest (a) specific individual(s). Entire teams cannot be “blanketed” by protest. If a player is found to be ineligible, his or her team will default all contests in which the ineligible player participated in. If a player is determined to be ineligible after the protest deadline, that player will be unable to participate in future contests. The team, however, will not incur a default.

Article 3: Filing a Formal Protest
A team captain must file a formal protest with the Intramural Sports Supervisor at the game site or with the Intramural Sports Office no later than 12:00pm the next business day following the contest.

The Intramural Sports Office will rule on protests the following business day by 5:00pm. The ruling will be sent, in writing, to the team captain. If a game is to be replayed or restarted from the protest point, the Intramural Sports Department will schedule the make-up.

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Section 11: Intramural Student Advisory Board

The Intramural Student Advisory Board (IMSAB) is an organization where students and administrative staff members work cooperatively to better the overall landscape of the Purdue University Intramural Sports Program. The IMSAB provides an open forum for students to initiate, discuss, and express their thoughts and concerns about regulations and policies, as well as assist in the delivery of a successful and competitive Intramural Sports Program for all participants.

Primary Responsibilities:
The primary responsibilities of the IMSAB include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Discuss current Intramural rules, regulations, and policies, and ways to improve them.
  • Discuss disciplinary violations of Intramural participants.
  • Discuss concerns raised by participants in the various programming areas.
  • Discuss new sport options and changes to formats.
  • Discuss effective communication styles and formats to disseminate information to captains and participants.
  • Discuss customer service levels provided by the Intramural Staff.

Board Members:
The committee is composed of highly motivated intramural sport participants, captains, and staff members with a diverse background in sports and program groups. Participation is voluntary and members will be selected based on their application. The current board is made up of the following people:

  • Anna Long – Co-Rec
  • James Kiai – Fraternity
  • Leah Hampton – Co-Rec
  • Noah Molter – Men’s Open
  • Ayoade Adetunji – Men’s Open
  • Chantel Wilson – Women’s Open/Co-Rec
  • Grant Bullerdick – Fraternity
  • Rushelle Miller – Sorority/Co-Rec
  • Brayton McGinnis – Fraternity

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