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Fall Softball Classic Champs Bottom of the Fifths • Men's Open Singles Tennis Champ Michael Ciraci • Women's Open Singles Tennis Champ Jessica Rink • Fraternity Black 2-Person Golf Champs Sigma Nu • Fraternity Gold 2-Person Golf Champs Evans Scholars 1 • Men's Open 2-Person Golf Champs Marwins • CoRec 3v3 Outdoor Basketball Champs Four the Win • Women's Open 3v3 Outdoor Basketball Champs The Ringers • Men's Open 3v3 Outdoor Basketball Champs Phi Slamma Jamma • Global Soccer Champs UR Global • Cornhole Tournament Champs 219 • Women's Singles Racquetball Champ Brittany Teahan • Men’s Open Sand Volleyball Champs Beta Blockers  • Women’s Open Sand Volleyball Champs Dry Ice • Co-Rec Black Sand Volleyball Champs Horses N Socks • Co-Rec Gold Sand Volleyball Champs The Buffalo Herd • Disc Golf League Champ Max Czarnecki • Co-Rec Floor Hockey Champs Bar Down Hands Up #sauce • Men’s Floor Hockey Champs PRHC • Men’s Singles Racquetball Champ Gregory Heinle • Women’s Open Inner Tube Water Polo Champs Alpha Gamma Delta • Fraternity Black Inner Tube Water Polo Champs Phi Kappa Psi A • Fraternity Gold Inner Tube Water Polo Champs Pi Kappa Alpha B • CoRec Inner Tube Water Polo Champs The Faces of Where Else? • Men’s Open Inner Tube Water Polo Champs Wettin the Net • Co-Rec Black 9v9 Outdoor Soccer Champs The Big Green • Co-Rec Gold 9v9 Outdoor Soccer Champs FC Stallions • Fraternity Black 9v9 Outdoor Soccer Champs Phi Psi A • Fraternity Gold 9v9 Outdoor Soccer Champs Circle Pines • Grad Faculty Staff 9v9 Outdoor Soccer Champs FC Krannert • Men’s Open Black 9v9 Outdoor Soccer Champs Rhinos • Men’s Open Gold 9v9 Outdoor Soccer Champs Wiley FC • Men’s Res Hall 9v9 Outdoor Soccer Champs Hat Trick Heroes • Sorority/Women’s Open 9v9 Outdoor Soccer Champs Kappa Kappa Gamma • Co-Rec Extreme Dodgeball Champs Wrecking Balls • Co-Rec Flag Football Champs Animal Pack • Fraternity Black Flag Football Champs FIJI A • Men’s Open Gold Flag Football Champs He Hate Me • Fraternity Gold Flag Football Champs Kappa Sigma C • Women’s Flag Football Champs PCB • Men’s Res Hall Flag Football Champs Tarkington Special • Grad/Faculty/Staff Flag Football Champs Team Chemistry • Sports Trivia Champs Pucks Revenge • Co Rec Black Indoor Volleyball Champs DU & Girls • Co Rec Gold Indoor Volleyball Champs Monstars • Fraternity Black Indoor Volleyball Champs Pi Kappa Alpha A • Fraternity Gold Indoor Volleyball Champs Fairway Blue • Men’s Open Indoor Volleyball Champs Safe Sets • Men’s Res Hall Indoor Volleyball Champs Tarkimus Prime • Sorority Indoor Volleyball Champs AGD • Women’s Open Indoor Volleyball Champs Dry Ice • Men’s Open Bowling Champs Pin Pals • Euchre Champs The Gruesome Twosome • Co Rec Doubles Indoor Tennis Champs TREC BFFs • Men’s Doubles Indoor Tennis Champs Sigma Chi • Women’s Doubles Indoor Tennis Champs Friars • Men's Open All Campus Basketball Invitational Champs Phi Slama Jamma • Women's Open All Campus Basketball Invitational Champs Ooh Kill Em • Men's Open Team Handball Champs Fairway Blue • Women's Open Team Handball Champs SWE • 6v6 Men's Open Indoor Soccer Champs American Exchange • 6v6 Men's Res Hall Indoor Soccer Champs Yoshifuntime • Men's Open Water Volleyball Champs Kappa Sigma B • Women's Open Water Volleyball Champs Theta Black • Grad, Faculty, Staff Dodgeball Champs Aero Astros • Men’s Open Dodgeball Champs Corec-in’ Ain’t Easy • Fraternity Black Dodgeball Champs Delta Chi A • Women’s Open Dodgeball Champs Kappa Kappa Gamma • Co-Rec Dodgeball Champs Pterodactyls • Fraternity Gold Dodgeball Champs Sigma Nu • Men’s Res Hall Dodgeball Champs Wiley Coyotes • Co-Rec Black Sand Volleyball Champs Hits and Diggles • Co-Rec Gold Sand Volleyball Champs Itsy Bitsy Spikers • Fraternity Black Sand Volleyball Champs Pi Kappa Alpha A • Fraternity Gold Sand Volleyball Champs Sigma Tau Gamma • Grad, Faculty, Staff Sand Volleyball Champs CEGSAC • Men’s Open Sand Volleyball Champs Safe Sets • Men’s Res Hall Sand Volleyball Champs Tarkington Special • Sorority Sand Volleyball Champs Sigma Kappa 2 • Women’s Open Sand Volleyball Champs SWE Gold • 
Updated 9/15/14

intramural sports

Intramural Sports is one of the most popular ways to get involved on-campus with your fellow Boilermakers. The Intramural Sports program provides the opportunity for structured individual, dual, and/or team leagues, tournaments, and events in more than 40 sport offerings. Each year approximately 18,000 students participate, including 300 basketball teams, 250 flag football teams, 230 sand volleyball teams, 180 outdoor and indoor soccer teams, and 180 softball teams.

How to get involved

Get together with fellow members of your residence hall, fraternity, sorority, cooperative, or just a group of friends. Locate the registration dates on the Intramural Sports website for the desired sport and select a captain who will be responsible for registering the team online through our online system, IM Leagues. The captain is responsible for choosing a team name, completing the online captain’s quiz, selecting the day/time you want to play, and inviting all of the team members to join the team’s roster. IM Leagues also allows you to maintain your team roster, communicate with your team members, view your team schedule, check your game results and standings, reschedule and/or cancel your games, and track all participation statistics. The commitment for a league sport is a 3-week regular season followed by a single elimination playoff. Tournament sports are typically a one-night single-elimination tournament and the commitment is dependent on your advancement through the bracket. No intramural contest lasts more than an hour.

Here is a video tutorial on how to register an Intramural Sports team in IM Leagues.


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