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Faculty & Staff Wellness
Updated 6/13/14

Faculty & Staff Wellness

Wellness Presentations

The following presentations are available, free of charge, to Purdue faculty and staff groups by request.  To schedule a presentation, please contact Tricia Tort at 765.494.0109 or ttort@purdue.edu

Eating Styles

This one-hour presentation helps you examine the "whys" behind your daily food choices, in order to increase your self-awareness and help you make healthier food choices in the future.  

Journaling and the Calorie Connection

This one-hour presentation discusses the importance of tracking your caloric intake to increase awareness, manage your weight, and make informed food choices. 

Managing Stress in the Workplace

This workshop discusses common stressors in the workplace and how to gain perspective on your daily stress.  Tips for incorporating fun and laughter in the workplace will be provided, as well as effective coping techniques to help you get through a tough day.

The Mediterranean Diet

This presentation will provide an overview of the Mediterranean lifestyle and its benefits to your health.   Key nutritional and physical activity components, recipes and tips for incorporating the Mediterranean diet in your life will be discussed during this one-hour workshop.

Showing Our True Colors

This 90-minute interactive presentation provides insight and information about different personality types, such as unique strengths, weaknesses, stressors and communication styles.  Gain a greater understanding and appreciation for yourself and those you interact with on a daily basis!