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Updated 7/25/14

Strength & Conditioning

The Strength and Conditioning program provides oversight of the fitness neighborhoods within the facility. Our fitness neighborhoods are designed to meet the diverse needs and interests of the Purdue community and are comprised of state-of-the-art equipment, including cardiovascular and resistance machines, plate loaded equipment, functional equipment, free weights, and olympic lift platforms. 

Our Fitness Consultants, the staff in blue, supervise the strength and conditioning areas within the facility to ensure the safety of our patrons and assist in exercise and equipment selection, technique and form correction, and spotting.  Ask our Fitness Consultants to record your exercise movement and break down posture, proper form, and technique in slow motion!

Our Fitness Consultants also lead free scheduled equipment clinics and orientations, and are available during all hours of operation to provide equipment orientations.  

Core Clinic Series

Take your fitness routine to the next level and learn how to maximize our specialized strength equipment.  We will focus on how to effectively and efficiently target and challenge your abs, lower back, and gluts by incorporating dynamic, functional movements. 

Powerlifting Series

Learn the foundations of powerlifting in this three-part series. Each thirty minute session is dedicated to a specific lift in which you will practice and receive constructive feedback. The better your posture and technique, the better you’ll be able to execute the movement, and more powerful you’ll become!

Fundamentals of Olympic Weightlifting

This course deconstructs the major Olympic lifts, as well as provides tips for effective technique and form. 

World's Strongest Boilermaker

World’s Strongest Boilermaker is Purdue’s ultimate test of strength, power and determination. All athletes compete in four preliminary events challenging raw power and muscular endurance.  The top six competitors in each weight class will come back the next day to compete in four more challenging events.  Do you have the drive, desire and motivation to become one of the World’s Strongest Boilermakers? This event takes place every spring.