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Updated 2/7/13

Personal Training

Our Personal Training program gives the Purdue community the opportunity to work with a certified Personal Trainer at an affordable price. We pride ourselves on the professionalism, knowledge and positive attitude of our Personal Trainers. A variety of services are offered to meet your needs, including one-on-one training, fitness assessments, JumpStart program, and buddy sessions.

Benefits of Personal Training

  • A personalized exercise program designed specifically for you
  • Motivation and encouragement to meet your fitness and health goals
  • Individual instruction on proper technique and safe execution for a variety of exercises
  • An innovative and effective program to improve overall performance

Workout of the week (WoW)

Rec Sports Personal Trainers will post a workout every week for you to complete. The WoW will have scaled options, so you can perform it at your own ability, on your own time. Post your results to our Facebook page to give feedback about each workout.


“Even though I utilized the ‘jump start’ services, the personal trainer that setup my workout plan kept in touch with me during my twelve week plan to make sure I was making progress, and to answer any questions I had – this went well above and beyond my expectations!” - Anonymous

“I wanted to add some non-anonymous feedback to indicate how pleased I have been with the service I obtained from my trainer both during and after the ‘jump start’ personal training sessions.  He has checked back in on my progress, and gone out of this way in my opinion to answer brief questions.  Outstanding customer service.  Not only could I tell that the workout plan was really optimized for the diverse goals I presented, but he genuinely seems interested in helping me push myself towards my goals.”   -Dr. D. Leaird

“I had a fantastic trainer. They were prepared for every session, was always on time, and I felt that the workouts they planned were extremely challenging, but never more than I could handle. Over the course of 12 sessions, I had the opportunity to try out every floor of the gym, and I felt that the variation provided me a great introduction to things that I could go back and do on my own. They were interested in my overall health, not just my exercise routine, and spent their own time finding articles and other materials to email me that they thought I would find helpful. I could not give them a higher recommendation.”  -A. Marsh

 “I liked that the first few sessions were in a private workout room, so I could get acclimated to the gym without worrying about how I looked.  I also liked the fact that my sessions were customized to my needs, and that I didn't do the same thing 12 sessions in a row.”  -Anonymous

“My Trainer was very professional and motivational. With their help, I was not just healthy for 8 sessions - I also gained the tools to continue that healthy lifestyle for the future.”  -Anonymous